Chip’s Loft

Chip’s Loft

The Details

Sports bars are not your typical location for quality vegan eats. But Josh Burgan of Chip’s Loft in Footscray has set about changing that notion. With his partner having been plant-based for some time, Josh has recently headed down the same path after watching The Game Changers.

Sports and performance athletes are increasingly adopting plant-based diets for increased results, and why not offer some vegan eats to the supporters of the athletes. Chip’s Loft does exactly that and then some.

Originally opening the doors as Creators Lounge in 2016, where the space enjoyed the company of a Barbers Shop, Lounge and Co-Working Space, the area transformed into Chip’s Loft in May 2019. A sports bar that is a chip off the old block, as Josh started this venture with his father. It is now the perfect spot to come and play a round of pool, watch the NBA, NRL, AFL and any other sport you can think of.

Chip’s Loft also offers a private lounge area, which can be booked, with a large lounge, game consoles and a huge TV.

The Food

It’s really the food you want at any sports bar. A vegan Poutine that is covered in vegan cheese and oozing with a thick gravy that you can’t help but love. Burgers made with the Beyond patties and stacks of vegan cheese, with a Southern Fried Chicken Vegan burger as well that definitely hits the spot. But the crowning achievement with the burgers at Chip’s Loft are the vegan brioche-style buns that are perfect. Holding the juicy burgers just the way you want, with no soggy bottom or wet top.

Another not to miss is the Southern Fried Cauliflower, with a buffalo sauce that will keep you dipping all through the night.

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