Globe Alley

Globe Alley


The Details

Globe Alley is the newest venture from the team behind The B.East. They are well known for their live music and extreme vegan burgers, and this is their new dive bar & live music venue in the heart of the CBD. You may have some trouble finding this hidden gem of a bar, but luckily you can virtually walk through to the dive bar by watching our juicy video of Globe Alley.

Opening in early 2019, Globe Alley has been refining their menu and testing out some interesting vegan combos which you are going to love. When asked why they are bringing some new vegan food to their city venue, they respond with an exclamation, “We just love vegan food and good vibes! We have some of the best Vegan burgs in town (we believe) and want to share them with the world.”

The head Chef Jarrod Moore has the ability to make the meatiest yummiest vegan bbq and brisket and it is truly impressive. When spending some time in the kitchen with Jarrod, you learn the painstaking process of refinement that goes into each and every vegan burger he creates. Spending countless hours testing and changing spices and ingredients to deliver burgers that are not just on par with their meaty counterparts but in our opinion, much better burgers.

Globe Alley is a good vibes rock’n’roll bar where everyone is welcome. With free-flowing (sliders) burgers with your drinks on Saturdays from 4-7pm (they just keep coming out for anyone with a drink in their hand). They host some of the best bands around with free live music every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. They have some super mean vegan cocktails, including a vegan sour, which is killer.

Popular items on the menu

The Vegan BBQ Brisket is clearly the headline act at Globe Alley. With tons of BBQ goodness and meaty brisket pieces that will literally blow your mind. It is a burger worth travelling for.

You will also want to try the Southern Fried Cauliflower and the not so simple vegan Cheeseburger. Which looks simple but has been crafted with care.