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K-Pub is located in the heart of the City of Adelaide and is an authentic Korean bistro and bar. This Korean bistro has chefs from Seoul, South Korea, who have previously worked as head chefs at an Adelaide 5 Star hotel before opening this unique little Korean Pub (K-Pub). South Korea is known for the life of amazing bars, restaurants, and of course the famous fried chicken and now you can have a genuine Korean experience that combines all three right here in Adelaide with a huge vegan menu.

K-Pub has mastered an amazing Vegan Korean experience for lunch or dinner, with meals from Kimchi Pancakes made in-house, Dumpling Hot Pot with vegetables and vegan mock meats. Their Vegan Fried Chicken has different flavours to add from sweet chilli or soy and maple to name a few. A Stir-Fried Vegan Mock Beef with the famous sweet soy sauce and of course a Fully Vegan Banquet which lets you enjoy a selection of items from the menu. The restaurant has a super funky vibe with stunning artwork and a really friendly kick to the whole place. Great for everyone to come and enjoy some Korean food together with family or friends. It’s defiantly worth checking out at night too for the light aesthetics.

The Mock Meats at K-pub are insanely real textured and with the famous Korean spices from super hot and mild makes you feel like you’ve left little Adelaide behind. The drink list will also have you thrilled with the big list of imported Koran drinks from Soju, Korean wine, beer and non-alcohol drinks that give it a truly authentic taste with the food. If you need your fried fast food KFC fix from a night out or just miss it as a vegan this place is worth adding to your bucket list.

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