Kenny Lover

The Details

It’s all about creative ice-cream flavours and hot chips at Kenny Lover. However, upon walking into the space you can’t help but notice the vivid colour adorning the walls, the change in texture to the long lounge seating and the beautiful cement tile floor by award-winning creative India Mahdavi. It simply sparks joy upon entry and a whimsical sense of childhood. A time when dipping hot chips in your ice-cream seemed normal and you couldn’t go without a coke spider.

The vision for this renaissance of your early years comes from Mike Baker and Dan Mason (Henry Sugar), alongside Tom Peasnell (Dexter, Peaches, Takeaway Pizza and CHEEK) and creative Maria Angelico. As you peruse the menu, you quickly realise this is not your typical ice-cream shop. Flavours are far outside the realm of vanilla, with new creations of Watermelon & Olive Oil, or Davidson Plum & Ginger that spark intrigue. Kenny Lover knows this, which is why there are plenty of those old teaspoons your nan used to collect. Ready to give you a test before you throw caution to the wind and start mixing.

The Food

Their ice-cream is not to be confused with gelato, as the process they follow brings with it an airy, fatty, creamy goodness that is just cold enough to let you dip your hot chips without the entire scoop melting around it.  If you feel like getting a little fancier, you can add some Kenny Crunch a salted and candied pepita mix or Kenny Sprinkles a candied blend of rice bubbles.  With over 5 different vegan options available, it’s well worth heading across town for.

You can also grab one of their special Spiders, with a big scoop of ice-cream covered in one of Henry Sugars house sodas.


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