New Jaffa

The Details

If you ask vegans what the essential diet includes, the majority will say hummus. New Jaffa has just that but in a traditional Israeli fashion. Served with a spoon and a bowl. Amen.

But this is no regular supermarket hummus, made onsite, this hummus is the creamiest we have tried.

Moshe Ittah is the owner and Head Chef of New Jaffa, a modern yet traditional Middle-Eastern eatery located in Collingwood. Moshe has a long work history in hospitality, having been a Chef for 14 years. This is his first venue, after deciding to take a step up and opening his own place. Most recently he spent 2 years at Serotonin Eatery in Burnley where he learned a lot about veganising meals and staples like feta.

“As a previous head chef of serotonin cafe (almost two years ) I perfect the vegan dining experience and discover that to make vegan food it’s not as hard as everyone think and the secret is to provide honest food without play around and try to imitate plant base to something that it’s not ….just simple honest food.”

Moshe explains that the reasoning behind such a large amount of vegan options is because, in Israel, it is all about the vegetables. When you go to the supermarket, you don’t just buy one of each, you buy a kilo.

The Food

There are many vegan options on the menu including eggplant bruschetta, hummus plates with mushrooms, falafel or pita. Then, a whole roasted cauliflower (recommended). And a vegan custard dessert.

The most popular dish is the vegan cauliflower and the hummus. We recommend heading in with a group of friends and having a feast on the share tables. Enjoy some experimental vegan mocktails and traditional Turkish coffee.

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