Platform 1

The Details

Platform 1 is a family owned café, operating just outside Ormond station. They opened in 2013 have since been slowly transitioning their menu to include a wide plant-based selection. Rashi says her sister Vrinda, who went vegan last year, is an inspiration to the family and café. Vegan meals that are popular on their specials menu are then moved onto their seasonal menu.

The café boasts white brick walls and wooden tabletops and chairs. There is plenty of seating available inside the cafe.

The Food

The most popular meal on the menu is the Wonder Vegan which includes sourdough bread topped with garlic thyme mushrooms, kale, and avocado. On the side is Persian macadamia fetta, beetroot hummus, and super seeds. Another popular choice is the smashed pumpkin. This dish incorporates sourdough bread topped with smashed pumpkin, mushrooms, Danish fetta, and hash browns.

Their breakfast board offers a variety of flavours including lentil fritters on a bed of fresh salsa and topped with crispy garlic infused tofu. The board also includes an Indian inspired vermicelli pudding mixed of flavoursome berries as well as a glass of fresh orange juice and avocado.

The berri-licious smoothie is a blend of acai, mixed berries, banana, and coconut water. Platform 1 also offer scrambled tofu and pulled jackfruit as optional add-ons to their meals.

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