The Details

When you open a wine bar on Sydney Road in Brunswick, one thing is for certain. You need to make it vegan-friendly. Rascal does that and more through the carefully curated vegan menu, which stands separate and intriguingly on its own. This was a conscious decision to bring the same techniques and spices from traditional meat-based dishes to the wide array of vegetables ready to be carefully crafted into a tastebud tantalising menu.

Knowing that if you wanted something that isn’t a pub meal, your best bet for the area would be Lygon st, co-owners Harrison Peace, Simon Henderson and John Ryan (The Vale Bar and Eatery, Glamorama) decided to bring a sense of elegance whilst keeping the vibe cheeky and fun.  Head Chef Elliot Pinn of Jackalopes Doot Doot Doot restaurant brings a wealth of knowledge to the kitchen and prepares seasonal dishes designed to be shared and enjoyed together. Including their signature hot sauce is made in-house together with all the various ferments found throughout the menu.

The Food

The menu reads like a symphony of vegetables, from Roasted Carrots, Macadamia, and Miso to an incredible Cauliflower, Pistachio, Tamarind and Curry Oil dish. Infusing the sense of Modern Australian cuisine with Asian ingredients that doesn’t quite fit into either category. But fitting into a category can sometimes be a little boring, which this menu is anything but.

The Celeriac, Cabbage & Sorrel dish is the perfect example of this. With thick slices of the celeriac salt-baked and layered in spices, then sliced delicately, topped with fermented cabbage and sorrel to add a peppery twist.


Make sure to ask for their vegan menu when you arrive as you won’t find it anywhere but at the venue.



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