Snug Public House

Snug Public House

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The Details

Snug by name, snug by nature. The Snug Public House in Brunswick transports you to Ireland in their traditional Irish pub & restaurant. Family run, the mother, father and daughter team make you feel at home. Chef Kerri Anne Mc Conville went vegan for one year to create the vegan menu and be able to develop the tastes she was looking for.

The Snug Public House first opened its doors in 2012. But it was in 2015, the family took over the pub with the aim to offer true Irish hospitality in a relaxed dining environment. Hailing from Northern Ireland, they made the journey to Melbourne in 2006 bringing their Irish traditions & heritage.

Snug Public previously had a pub in St Kilda Pub, they added vegan options 16 months ago and haven’t looked back. Mc Conville recognised and updated the menu because she realised it is no longer a fad, it’s a movement.  Their passion for it and the clientele grew. Half of the customers who are not vegan, end up ordering the vegan options and love them. The portions are large and they have to tell people not to order too much, not something that happens very often!

The Food

Where do we begin? There is an entire vegan breakfast menu and main menu. Some big hits are the ‘prawn’ cocktail, the Jameson sprouts with pan-fried ‘pork’ pieces. Cheesy gravy chips and BBQ Fried ‘chicken’ with a signature Jameson’s BBQ sauce, house slaw and hand cut chips. There are also fresher options such as the vegan caesar salad, and grain salad.

Take a big group with you so you can try it all and share. Or go on a date and impress them with how much you can eat. Either way, go there.