The B. East

The Details

The B.East (Short for Brunswick East) opened 6 years ago originally as a big greasy burger bar. From the beginning, they knew it was important to at least have vegetarian options. The demand wasn’t there for vegan food previously. But as everyone knows, the North of Melbourne is vegan central, particularly around the Brunswick area. Now, all posts on social media that are vegan do 3x better than non-vegan food.

The Chef, Jarrod Moore is the Chef at all 4 venues in the group, including the Belleville, Ferdydurke and Section 8 in the CBD. He is the one that introduced vegan items to the menu, the first and most popular being ‘The Morrissey’ burger.

B.East feels it is important to create a space where someone who is vegan can go with their non-vegan mate. Everyone wins. Every Monday is vegan soulfood night from 5.30pm, get in quick if you want to try the Vig Mac with the Beyond Burger patty though.

The Food

There are 3 different vegan burgers on the regular menu. On Soul Food night they have the Maple Double-Bacon Cheeseburger, Vegan Double Down (Southern fried ‘chicken’), Holy Vegus burger. Other big eats are Smoked cauliflower Cheesesteak Sandwich and the Meatball Hoagie Sub.  Sides include Fried Pickles, Buffalo popcorn broccoli and Vegan Mac ‘n’ cheese bomb. The Vegan poutine is a must try from the regular menu as well.

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