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    Torpe Cafe is the new Malvern hotspot that you didn’t know you were missing. A row of 3 shops on Wattletree Road is the new home of this popular new cafe. Sitting in the middle of the 3 shops, Torpe Cafe is the newest venue addition to Adrian Davis (The Third Day & Day Of The Dead) and Zachary Riggs (Drugstore Espresso and Two Wrongs in South Yarra) growing list of successful cafes and bars.

    ‘All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players’ – William Shakespeare. Enter stage right – The Ambitious Act. A space where actors, performers and artists alike can congregate and shine! ‘The Ambitious Act’ is the infant of partners Justin and Nicole. It only opened up 2 months ago on Clarendon St in South Melbourne and is already sparking interest amongst the local community. After returning to Melbourne following a 4-year stint in London, Justin & Nicole…

    A Vegetarian staple on Brunswick St fancies it up with new exciting menu changes! Yong Green Food's new menu brings more travel experiences, finesse and culture to the table. Yong Green Food is the Vegetarian venture by 2 lovely Korean sisters Seonmi Lee and Seonjoo Lee. 9 years and still going strong, they continue to feed healthy Asian cuisine to the bohemians of the Inner North. Yong Green Food reflects the sisters’ love of food, health, travel and culture. This is the place where yo…

    Cornerstone & Co, located in the suburban streets of Hampton East, was opened by Leigh and his wife in April 2017. They took over the café from previous owners who had been occupying the space for five years. The café is Japanese and Italian inspired. Leigh is aware of the demand for vegan options in the area and always incorporates four to five vegan options in his seasonal menus (which change every thre…

    Opening on the 7th June, Project281 is a large-scale warehouse cafe and coffee roaster newly opened in Brunswick. The space has been designed by multi-award winning architectural firm “Splinter Society” and is aimed at being a naturally lit abandoned warehouse/indoor garden. But not is all as it seems, there have been a lot of efforts to make this cafe as eco-friendly as possible.

    Northcote Fish and Chips prides itself on delivering authentic and traditional fish and chips to it's patrons. But the owners have branched out into unknown territory following the increase of requests for there to be vegan options. Just like in Field of Dreams, with the iconic saying, "If you build it, they will come" Northcote Fish and Chips have done just that. Setting up a separate fryer and vat for all the vegan options, they have created a new menu to test out how these new options will work. …