A Refuge For Farm Animals, Loki’s Lodge

A short hour and a half drive north of Melbourne you will find a property dedicated to finding homes for rescued farm animals. Loki’s Lodge was founded by Danielle Press in a somewhat unconventional way. Originally she was looking for a property that was under 5 acres, without livestock and within 15 minutes of good coffee. Upon seeing the beautiful view of Lake Eppalock, those rules went out the window and the Loki’s property was snapped up.

The cows that resided on the property when purchased were going to be trucked away, but when Danielle saw some calves being born, the trucks were stopped and Loki’s Lodge was born. Not a bad way to transform your life. There are still a number of cows remaining at Loki’s Lodge from the first days.


Coming from a history of rescuing dogs and cats, it didn’t take long before the lodge was in full swing. Word quickly spread about what was happening.

Loki’s Lodge has now rescued over 133 animals.  Though it’s much more than just an animal rescue centre. The staff set about educating all visitors about the treatment of farm animals and allowing that knowledge to spread.


Knowledge is the power to change the way our society views the welfare of farmed animals.

There are a number of ways you can help Loki’s Lodge. From donating directly, to sponsoring an animal or even putting your hand up to adopt.

They also need help with volunteers, this can include duties like grounds maintenance, cleaning coupes or yards and general animal care. What better way to fill your life with joy than caring for some lovely farm animals, like the ones below?

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