Ahimsa Collective Launches

You’re vegan and want to be make sure your impact on the world is reducing your waste, decreasing suffering and you are trendy, stylish and a bit of a fashionista. But you look at your collection of bags and can’t help but want it to reflect who you are.

Well you are now in luck. Ahimsa Collective have just launched their first collection and it has us asking for collection 2 already. It’s just that good.

For those who are trendy A.F but who also don’t want the world to blow up.

Made from Pinatex, which is the fibre from pineapple leaves, the waste product of pineapple harvest. These bags are your fashion saviour, perfect for any occasion and stylish like you wouldn’t imagine.

You can get your hands on your perfect sustainable companion in the Ahimsa Collective shop.

Read more from one of the co-founders, Tessa Carroll in our interview.

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