All The Vegan Food To Eat At St Kilda Festival 2020

40 years ago, St Kilda Festival kicked off its very first event. A celebration of summer, community spirit, culture, music and of course St Kilda. Held on the second Sunday of February each year, it draws record crowds each year of over 400,000. That’s 4 x the AFL Grand Final FYI.

The entire suburb shuts down and the streets come alive with street performers, buskers, live music at multiple stages, scattered throughout the foreshore. It’s a day not to be missed.

Although there are activities, carnival rides, kids entertainment dancing, markets and much more. There is also a HUGE amount of food vendors, and this year seems to be the biggest for vegan food. See below the extensive list of vendors and their vegan food offerings.

Date: Sunday, 9th February
Time: 11am – 10pm


The Food Line Up – By Location


Upper Esplanade


St Gerry’s

Cinnamon Sugar Rolled Greek Donuts
Peanut Butter & Jam Greek Donuts

Location: Upper Esplanade

Twisted Fisherman

Popcorn Cauliflower
Panko & tempura crumbed and deep-fried.

Location: Upper Esplanade

Sliders on Tyres

Vegan Grilled Mushroom Slider
Served with classic slaw, vegan cheddar cheese, garlic aioli.

Location: Upper Esplanade

Honey Dee Loukoumades

Vegan Nutella Loukoumades
Maple Cinnamon & Walnut Loukoumades
Strawberry Jam Loukoumades
Cinnamon Sugar Loukoumades
Vegan Greek Frappe

Location: Upper Esplanade

Lemon in Lemon

100% natural, vegan and Australian ingredients, served in recycled paper cups, cones and inside fruit skins!
Flavours on the day will be Lemon, Strawberry & Lime, Avocado & Mint, Orange & Raspberry, Watermelon and Pineapple & Orange.

Location: Upper Esplanade

Crêpes for Change

Vegan & Gluten-free Crêpes
Vegan topping options include maple syrup, peanut butter, jam, and chocolate sauce. For an extra topping, they offer Oreos, strawberries, and bananas.

Location: Upper Esplanade

Rice & Dice

Vegan dumplings served with soy and sriracha topped with pickled ginger.
Yellow potato, black-eyed bean and green lentil curry topped with fresh mint, coriander raita served with wild rice.
Indian Nachos
Roasted papri chips topped with curried chickpeas and potato, beetroot and carrot slaw, coriander and mint chutney and tamarind and date chutney.
Udon Noodles
Japanese Udon noodles with sugar snap peas, carrot, cabbage and edamame beans with a soy and sambal sauce.
Roti with peanut sauce

Location: Upper Esplanade

Country Fair Poffert Jes

Dutch Pancakes
Topped with icing sugar and a choice of maple, chocolate, strawberry topping or lemon juice.

Location: Upper Esplanade

Lower Esplanade


Hamsa Hummus Bar

Middle Eastern kebab make out of chickpea flour, nutritional yeast and gluten flour. Then marinate it in their own shawarma seasoning (Middle Eastern spices). It is served in a pita pocket or a bowl with a choice of beetroot or classic hummus, garlic tahini dressing and chilli salsa.
Marinated then grilled eggplants served with a choice of beetroot or classic hummus, garlic tahini dressing and chilli salsa.

Location: Lower Esplanade

The Kaiser’s Sausages

Vegan Hot Dog

Location: Lower Esplanade

Pretzel station

A wide range of vegan pretzels

Location: Lower Esplanade

The Greek Wrap Co

Vegan Falafel wrap
Vegan Falafel Salad

Location: Lower Esplanade

Bianco Latte

Vegan Mango Gelato
Vegan Chocolate Gelato

Location: Lower Esplanade

El Chivi

El Vegan Sandwich
A combination of hummus, falafel, chimichurri, fried falafels, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, dill pickles and green olives.
French Fries

Location: Lower Esplanade

Sorborium: Sorbet Lab

100% vegan sorbet served in cones with gluten-free options
Flavours include: Tart & Tangy (blood Orange and passionfruit), Wizz Fizz Lemonade, Choca Mocha, Raspberry soda, Tropical Splice (kiwi & lime, with pineapple), Malibu Peachy (peach & coconut), Very Strawberry, Licorice Raspberry, Grape coley moley ( grape & kola nut), Sour Cherry Melon (black cherry & watermelon).

Location: Lower Esplanade

Tastes of Senegal

Black-eyed beans fritters.
Senegalese bean stew served with rice or couscous.

Location: Lower Esplanade


Organic Marinated Tofu
With vegetable stir fry with quinoa, coconut & peanut satay.
Okonomiyaki Pancakes
Japanese savoury pancakes with sweet soy, sesame seaweed, pickled ginger, and vegan mayo.
Smoky Jackfruit Roti Tacos
served with house-pickled slaw, mayonnaise and spinach.
Combination Extravaganza Plate
A combination of the Okonomiyaki pancake and stir-fry and salad.

Location: Lower Esplanade

Billy van Creamy

Chocolate Ice-Cream
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream
Peppermint Fudge Ice-Cream
These three flavours are cashew milk & coconut milk ice-cream.

Location: Lower Esplanade

Southbeach Reserve – Main Stage


Good Love – 2 Locations
At Main Stage

KFC Bowl
Pulled Pawk & Slaw Toastie
Hot Chippies w Sauce

At Restaurant Block Party!

Lots of vegan goodies!

Ta-Ka Ta-Ka Kottu

Spicy Chickpeas
Veggie Kottu (when made without egg) Please ask for the Vegan option. 
Roti served with veggie curry gravy

Location: Southbeach Reserve

Cope Food Truck

Black Bean Salad
Black beans & rice garden salad & topped with their homemade salsa (chilli or mild).

Location: Southbeach Reserve

Catani Gardens


Pierogi Pierogi

Mushroom and Sauerkraut Pierogi.

Location: Cantani Gardens

O’Donnell Gardens


Bao X Waffle

Big Root – Daikon Bao
Chickabaowow – Israeli Style Falafel Bao

Location: O’Donnell Gardens

Alfred Square


Ghost Kitchen

Spring Onion Pancake
Pan Fried Vegetarian Dumplings
Ginger, Cabbage, Carrot, Mushroom, Salt and Pepper.
Sweet Potato Chips

Location: Alfred Square

GFree Donuts

Gluten-Free & Vegan Donuts

Location: Alfred Square

Himalayan Sherpa

Vegan Momo
A Nepali delicacy, the steamed momos (vegan dumpling).

Location: Alfred Square

Chata Polska

Epic Vegan Pierogis with their own homemade vegan sour cream!
Sauerkraut & Mushrooms Pierogi
Potato & Onion Pierogi

Location: Alfred Square

Curry Up Now

Vegan Samosa’s
Chickpea Potato Curry

Location: Alfred Square

Jerry’s Vegiburgers

Wholesome vegan and gluten-free lentil vegie burgers on a plate or in a bun with homemade satay or tomato sauce.
Crispy Vietnamese Noodle Salad
With tofu Asian coleslaw and peanut mango dressing.
Quinoa salad
With roast sweet potato, red capsicum, spinach leaves, currants, pecans and balsamic orange dressing.

Location: Alfred Square


For More Info Check Out St Kilda Festival Website – Maps Available

The information has been provided by vendors. Please ensure you request the items to be vegan as a precaution.

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