Cool Down With These New Almond Milk Smoothie Pops By Proud & Punch

PROUD & PUNCH have just launched a new Smoothie Pop that will meet all your creamy, dreamy milk dreams.

With the rising consumer desire to tap into plant-based diets, whether this is due to holistic Vegan lifestyle choices or the popular flexitarian diets.  There is now an expectation for brands to deliver the same taste and texture profiles that people grew up on, minus the animal products.

One of the big growth areas achieving this is dairy alternative milks. A 2016 study found that one in six Australian’s are avoiding milk*, a statistic which is supported by the rise in supermarket sales. Almond milk is leading the charge, jumping from 7.7 million litres sold in 2013 to 25.2 million litres sold in 2017*.

PROUD & PUNCH currently create refreshing Juice Pops and Coconut Pops, however, wanted to expand their offering to bring in creamier options for consumers. After seeing the demand for Almond Milk grow exponentially, they knew that this was their solution for a creamy, vegan pop.

PROUD & PUNCH have just launched SMOOTHIE POPS, the first Australian Made Almond Milk-based popsicles, stocked in all major retailers across Australia. SMOOTHIE POPS are a nutritious twist on an Aussie classic and PROUD & PUNCH confidently believe that they are the best 2019 version of ice cream on a stick. By using almond milk as the base and mixing it together with real ingredients and feel-good flavours, PROUD & PUNCH have created a popsicle that is both creamy and indulgent. Staying true to the brand values and existing ranges, SMOOTHIE POPS are vegan, gluten-free, contain no artificial colours or flavours and have less than 12g of added sugar per pop.

The SMOOTHIE POPS come in two dreamy, creamy flavours – Chocolate that’s bananas, and Oh my, strawberry acai;


Image Supplied


It’s official. We’ve gone seriously bananas.
Queensland bananas to be precise! Mixed with
Cocoa and Almond milk, you’ll go just as nuts
as we have for these dreamy, creamy pops!


Image Supplied


Oh me, oh my! Does it get any better than Strawberry
and Acai? Yup! We’ve also packed delicious, fresh
apples into these creamy almond milk smoothie pops.
Permission to nom nom nom? Granted.

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