Makers of Vego Bar Chocolate Releases A Vego Spread

For almost every vegan who remembers the taste of regular chocolate, they turn to the Vego Bar to satisfy their cravings. Unlike a lot of other vegan-friendly chocolate (which is normally dark chocolate), this brand is creamy and not bitter at all.

The Vego bar is not only Vegan but also Organic, Fairly traded and Gluten-Free, it is made of the finest chocolate with hazelnut paste added in. This is resulting in a smooth and creamy chocolate and generously packed with whole hazelnuts.

Vego Bar spread
The original Vego Bar – Image from Vego Bar website.

Up until now, vegans have been snacking on the Large Vego Bar, Mini and the smaller Vego Vegolino Pralines. Until the announcement that came out this week from the Vego Chocolate overlords. The chocolate that you know and love will now be available in a spread. That’s right, just like Nutella. Without all the nasties. The 200g jar also doubles as a reusable glass when empty. And let’s face it, that will be about 1 day after receiving it.

Vego Bar spread
Image from Vego Chocolate Facebook

Word on the street is that this precious glass of chocolatey hazelnut goodness will be hitting our shores in October. Soon you will be able to pre-order with www.thevegangrocery.com.au sign up to the email newsletter on the website and you will be the first to know about getting one of these bad boys into your hot hands.


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