6 Places To Eat Vegan on Acland Street

When you think good vegan food in Melbourne, typically the northern suburbs are the place to go. But recently, the Southside is looking up! Acland Street in St Kilda has an abundance of vegan options.

So drag your mates and dates down to St Kilda and show them what they are missing.

Here’s where to get your feed of vegan food on Acland Street:


Il Fornaio

Starting at the top of Acland Street Il Fornaio’s menu is 80% vegan. Chef Cameron Denning is the Head Chef at both Il Fornaio and Matcha Mylkbar (which we will get to soon) and veganised most of the meals at the long-standing cafe. Il Fornaio has been an institute on Acland Street since 1994 and we recommend the creamy scrambled tofu, JackFruit Cubano or the Avocado & miso hollandaise sauce with truffle roasted mushrooms, kale, and sourdough.

Il Fornaio, 2c Acland Street


Trippy Taco Southside

Next, and almost next door to Il Fornaio is Trippy Taco. The well known Fitzroy vegetarian Mexican eatery opened its second location on Acland Street. It’s the same tasty tacos, burritos, and quesadillas you have grown to love. And yes, they have vegan cheese.


trippy taco
Image from Trippy Taco Facebook

Trippy Taco, 6 Acland Street

Good Love

Moving along in the new ‘St Kilda Vegan Hub’, you will find the newest vegan venue in Melbourne. Good Love is a bar and eatery. This is the place to go for cheap ($10) cocktails, DJ’s, vegan pizza slices and weekend breakfast (hangover recovery vibes). Open till 1.30am you can skip the Maccy D’s fried and pop in before bed. Make sure you put it on your list to try the Halal Snack Pack.

Good Love St Kilda

Good Love, 56 Acland Street

Matcha Mylkbar

On the same corner is probably the most well known vegan cafe in Australia, Matcha Mylkbar. With its signature neon green middle finger sign in the window, you can’t miss it! The menu is huge, and everything is tasty. Matcha Mylkbar is known for their trademark vegan eggs, green burger buns and matcha green pancakes.


Matcha Mylkbar, 72 Acland Street

Sister of Soul

One of the longest standing vegetarian and vegan restaurants on the strip is Sister of Soul. The eatery was the first vegan place on the street, and, opened in December 2013 without much fanfare or promotion. The large restaurant can sometimes be hard to get a seat at, especially in Summer. Open from breakfast to dinner, and with a multitude of cuisines, Sister of Soul has you covered. Try the Masaman, polenta chips and the big burrito.

Sister of Soul, St Kilda

Sister of Soul, 73 Acland Street 

Bay City Burrito – St Kilda

Right around the corner from Sister of Soul is Bay City Burrito. The 2nd store for this Mexican restaurant, they are now offering tasty options for vegans. We are talking Vegan Nachos, Pulled Jackfruit Burrito, Everest potato and mushroom burrito, California Burrito, Valencia Veg burrito and the Bean and Cheese Burrito. You can also grab yourself a tasty jackfruit taco and some naturally vegan sides.

Bay City Burrito

Bay City Burrito, 4 Shakespeare Grove St Kilda

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