6 Vegan Dishes You Need To Try on Smith St

Smith Street in Collingwood is home to many outstanding restaurants, cafes and eateries. Delivering a wide range of cuisines, this street can satisfy any craving you may have. We have tracked down 6 of our favourite Gluten Free and Vegan meals that you need to try.

Evies Disco Diner

When you walk through the doors of Evie’s Disco Diner you are instantly transported back to the 80’s. The Diner is filled with retro games, of which you can play, and a huge dance floor in the centre which honestly just makes you want to dance.

Must Try Dish: Mushroom Stroganoff


Neko Neko

Neko Neko is a small restaurant on the corner of Gertrude St and Smith St in Fitzroy run by Saori Kawasaki and her husband Tomoya. Neko Neko means “cat” in Japanese.

Must Try Dish: Tan Tan Ramen – Sesame & Soy Milk base creamy broth, vegan & Gluten Free Soy minced meat, bok choy
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Wabi Sabi Salon

Wabi Sabi Salon on Smith Street Collingwood has re-opened with a fresh new look. The 15-year-old restaurant had a face-lift recently by the De Keyzers architecture group.

Must Try Dish: Teishoku Your choice of main, variety of house made fermented side veggies, mixed rice onigiri


Green Burger

Green Burger has 7 California style vegan burgers on the menu. Plus, loaded fries and sides which include ‘mac n trees’, buffalo tenders and loaded onion rings. You can also get one of 3 salads, but if you’re going to a burger place, we both know that’s not what you have come for.

Must Try Dish: Big Mock – Two Smokehouse Patties, Lettuce, Double Cheese, Onion, Dill Pickle, Burger Sauce

Green Burger


Tonkin transports you to a place where traditional Vietnamese flavours are embraced in delicious small plates and accompanied by signature cocktails with an Asian twist. Conveniently located on Smith Street Collingwood, it is a great place to meet up with vegan or non-vegan friends.

Must Try Dish: Tofu & Asian Mushroom Pho


Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow Pizza was the first all vegan pizzeria in Melbourne when it opened it’s doors in 2016. Since then, their popularity has grown exponentially with the use of fresh and high quality ingredients shining through in the delicious pizza’s.

Must Try Dish: GF Bianca – White Base, Garlic Confit, Mozzarella, Potato Leek, Rosemary & Parmesan
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