Christmas in July at Shu’s Restaurant

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Don’t miss this special Christmas in July

Feeling depressed and apathetic during the Winter months? Why not come celebrate Christmas in July at the infamous Shu restaurant! Shu is hosting a 7 course Vegan degustation from July 5-7th for only $55 per head. This marks the core of Shu’s humble beginnings when he used to host many dinner parties at his house before he opened up his own restaurant. You can either decide to sit at the communal table or at your own individual table. We love the idea of the communal table because it encourages strangers to interact with each other and creates a vibrant and festive atmosphere. Just as if it was Christmas!

The food features Shu’s Chinese heritage and culture, whilst bringing in his own personal creative identity and interest in contemporary cuisine. Expect well balanced flavours served with a delicate touch. The degustation covers a journey through Shu’s childhood to adulthood including dishes like the hot and sour soup to the sweet potato pancake. Look out for the grilled eggplant, which carries the signature Sichuan spicy flare.

Don’t miss out! Grab tickets before it sells out!

Bookings for Vegan Christmas in July can be made here at http://bit.ly/2JdurhB

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