Maccaroni Osteria – Vegan Egg Creation

Vegan Eggs are becoming mainstream and Maccaroni Osteria Italiana in Fitzroy North have created their own from scratch.


These vegan eggs taste just like the real thing, but that’s not all. Texturally they mimic an egg with the skin of the yolk being delicate and the white tasting just how you remember it.

Maccaroni Osteria Italiana - Vegan Egg Creation
The Vegan Egg

This creation allows more people to start stepping away from the cultural norm of eating eggs that are obtained in a harmful way. If you can eat the same product without the need to hurt animals, it’s a nice way to live and eat.

Maccaroni Osteria Italiana will have limited numbers available each nich, so be sure to book in your vegan egg when you book your table.


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