Melbourne’s Best Takeaway Vegan Pizza Shops

It’s happening again, but vegan pizza is only a click away. Here are Melbourne’s best takeaway vegan pizza joints.


Green Acre Pizza

New to the scene in Melbourne, Green Acre is an offshoot of the ever-popular Small Print Pizza Bar in Prahran. Making exception pizza that makes you fall in love all over again. There are plenty of vegan options on the menu, including cauliflower fries, which, although not pizza, should be added to every single order. Trust us.

Our Pick: Pumpkin with Caramalised Onion, Pumpkin, Sage, Vegan Feta & Crushed Pistachios & Dairy Free Mozzarella


48H Pizza e Gnocchi Bar

If you know anything about pizza, you will recognise the name comes from how long pizza dough should be left to rise. This is one of the reasons why the pizza at 48h is award-winning. Another reason is that their gluten-free pizza manages to aerate better than 90% of gluten-free bases available.

Our Pick: Tre Formaggi Vegana vegan cheddar, vegan mozzarella, vegan tasty cheese, red onion & walnut.


Red Sparrow Pizza

Red Sparrow Pizza was the first all-vegan pizzeria in Melbourne when it opened it’s doors in 2016. Since then, their popularity has grown exponentially with the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients shining through in the delicious pizza’s. They even took out Melbourne’s best pizza shop in a recent contest from the Herald Sun.

Our Pick: Chicken & Pineapple with a ranch base, dairy free mozzarella, vegan chicken, pineapple, onion & BBQ sauce.



A staple in the Caulfield area, Notralis is a no-nonsense pizza bar with some very experimental options. With all kinds of crazy pizza combo’s you will find something that everyone will love.

Our Pick: Lentil with tomato, vegan cheese, lentils, onion, olives, potato & chilli


Shop 225

Pizza at it’s very best. The bases are crispy and they are certified gluten-free, which is no easy process.  Put simply, Shop 225 know what they are doing. The vegan cheese is ridiculous and all of their combinations are exactly what you want from an Italian pizza.

Our pick: Ortolana with pomodoro, vegan fior di latte, grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, spinach & mushroom.


Lazerpig Pizza Parlour

Not your everyday pizza bar. Most of the pizzas can be switched up to vegan cheese very easily. Plus their online ordering system allows you to say ‘no meat’ which is a win. The bases at Lazerpig are something special, with a crunchy crust and made with an old sourdough recipe.

Our Pick: The Fun Guy with mushroom puree base, confit garlic, portobello & shimeji mushrooms, vegan cheese & thyme.


Small Print Pizza Bar

Most of the pizza’s on the menu can be made vegan and gluten-free. Popular choices are the Margherita, Mushroom, Eggplant, with the most popular being the Roast Pumpkin with caramelised onions and vegan feta. But you can experiment with some of their other options and don’t miss their vegan desserts.

Our Pick: Vegan Pepperoni with vegan salami, dairy free mozzarella, parsley, radicchio & chilli jam.


A25 Pizza

They have some of the most extravagant vegan pizza’s going around, and it’s hard to miss with all the bright pinks. A25 will have you licking your lips for the next time you order in.

Our Pick: The Vegan Man’s Man with Vegan fior di latte, tomato sugo, vegan salame, vegan Italian sausage, vegan leg ham, vegan parmesan.


La Svolta

La Svolta in Hampton feels like a traditional Italian restaurant that just happens to be in Bayside Melbourne. This could be because Valerio arrived in Melbourne from Tuscany just 12 years ago. Transport yourself to another place when you step inside the large venue. It is warm and welcoming, the staff are very friendly and attentive.

Our Pick: Keep it simple with the Vegan version of their Bufala.


Il Caminetto

The vegan pizza and pasta at Il Caminetto are as traditional as you can get, and you would be forgiven for thinking they had given you real meat and cheese. All of the pasta is made in-house including the vegan tortellini filled with potato and leek. They have also developed a vegan version of Nduja, a traditional Italian sausage, which they place on their pizza and is, in a word, delicious.

Our Pick: Boscaiola with vegan cheese, vegan nduja, porcini mushroom, speck and truffle oil.



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