Melbourne’s First 100% Plant-Based Sushi Brand Opens This Week

Opening this week in Collingwood, and exclusively to UberEats is Future Sushi. The second plant-based brand for vegan fast food innovators ‘The Green Burger Group’ and will be Melbourne’s first 100% plant-based sushi offering. The Green Burger Group is owned by Melbourne hospitality identities Matt Giles and Owen Westman. The group launched its own vegan version of a high street burger brand in 2018 as a return serve to the Bill Gates funded ‘Beyond Burger’. The difference? The Green Burger Group decided to create all of its own plant-based meats in-house here in Melbourne – as opposed to buying the frozen import from America.

Creating sustainable alternatives that replicate traditional meat and fish experiences is the foundation of both Green Burger and Future Sushi. The new sushi concept will be utilising the group’s discoveries in plant-based meats, as well as a new plant-based salmon and tuna that was specially developed with sushi in mind.


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Expect creations such as the ‘Peking Duck hand roll’ with plant-based duck, char siu bbq sauce, spring onion, pickled carrot and cucumber. Or the ‘Future Salmon’ with plant-based salmon, house-made dairy-free kewpie mayo and cucumber roll. “We’re bringing all the familiar freshness, flavours and Japanese technique of a traditional sushi brand but without the use of any animal or fish products. The brand is also producing other Asian flavours like the ‘Bulgogi Beef’ hand roll, a take on the Korean staple, so not exclusively Japanese in offering” says Westman. “Our journey in expanding our core business from plant-based burgers to plant-based sushi has been helped with the appointment of a Japanese-trained sushi chef to keep us in line and do this concept justice”.

“Back when sushi was created, sustainability issues such as over-fishing were not in our thoughts. As humans, we took what we wanted without concern. Today we are still taking, and something has to change. We are becoming increasingly aware of the damage and destruction we have done to the ecosystem. The health of our marine environments is critical. So we have created a range of sushi with the current climate in mind. Sushi that’s completely plant-based, original and most importantly, delicious. Hopefully, this initiative can help pave the way to changes to our eating. Future Sushi is all in the name. It carries hope” says Westman.


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The menu has firm sushi brand favourites like hand rolls and nigiri. Also on offer: sashimi salad, poke bowls and other combinations, with a big nod to the modern-day miracle of plant-based meat and fish. However, they also offer traditional vegetable sushi too, like the tempura-battered enoki teriyaki roll.

Due to the continued challenge of lockdown restrictions, Future Sushi, will initially roll out and operate as a dark kitchen. “We’ve waited an awfully long time to drop this brand but COVID-19 got in the way. After waiting for the best part of 6 months, we’ve ditched our plans for a high street flagship store and decided, for now, to cast our plant-based net in the dark” says Giles.

“The initial launch menu has had to consider delivery constraints. Balancing ‘pretty’ over ‘practical’ is key in our menu development” says Westman. He continues “we have obvious service limitations. Introducing our fledgling brand to Melbourne during restrictions and via mopeds instead of trained floor staff is obviously a worry so we are putting time into designing food that travels well. The food is fun and delicious. And hopefully interesting enough for non-vegans to try too. Plant-based sushi is the next big thing” says Westman optimistically.


FUTURE SUSHI is located at 240 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
Opening on Thursday 1st October 2020
Exclusively on UberEats 
Opening from midday until sold out!

Check them out on Instagram @futuresushiaus


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