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Melbourne is blessed to have so many vegan restaurants and non-vegan venues offering vegan menus. If you love Chinese flavours you can’t go past the 10-course degustation from Shu Restaurant. At only $55 per head, it is one of the best value dinners around.

Shu introduces diners to the amazing flavours from his province of Sichuan in China. The new Spring menu takes you on a journey with 3 distinct styles of cooking.

Shu Restaurant - Spring Menu

The first is “Raw” – 3 raw dishes including Daikon roll with spring plants, Silken tofu with green chilli salsa, plum salt and nuts. Then there is the tomato melody on a tempeh cracker with ‘feta’ cheese.

Moving on to the 2nd round, we have a “Picnic” of Shu’s favourite veggies. Included is a jar of lightly grilled veggies, sweet soy sauce and fresh ginger.  Fried tofu, salted mustard greens and roasted pine nuts. Finally, Eggplant, black sticky rice and burnt chilli paste. All on a bed of fake grass, in keeping with Shu’s eclectic style.

Shu Restaurant - Spring Menu (3)

The 3rd savoury round is called “Childhood Memories”. Some of his favourite childhood dishes re-created. The first is the Shitaki spring pea wontons in a delicious Sichuan sauce. Followed by a mung bean noodle soup with soybeans and Sichuan pepper (this one is spicy). Lastly, the Wok-fried Asian mushrooms on rice.

Shu Restaurant - Spring Vegan Menu

Shu Restaurant - Spring Menu (4)

Shu Restaurant - Spring Menu (5)

Your Sichuan journey finishes with something sweet. An Avocado cheesecake, dried kumquat and coconut sago.

Shu Restaurant - Spring Menu (1)

Shu Restaurant has also introduced $25 Tuesdays Vegan experimental nights. Each week Shu will be taking fresh veggies from the market and creating 5 unique and tasty dishes. Be the first to come and try his wonderful creations!

See the event details here

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