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Future Sushi is the new and second plant-based brand for vegan fast food innovators ‘The Green Burger Group’ and is the first brand in Melbourne to offer a 100% vegan sushi menu.

By Marcie
Bringing familiar flavours but plant-based versions while keeping Japanese techniques of a traditional sushi brand is what you can expect from the brand. The idea is to do something good for the environment when enjoying the taste of this 100% plant-based sushi.

No more equating vegan sushi with a boring meal of plain avocado rolls. This food is innovative and bloody delicious.


Image by Marcie


Nine Piece Future Feast consists of nigiri salmon, tuna and unagi eggplant. maki Korean, usagi, bakuchiku, Peking duck, two inari seaweed salad, crab and corn. The texture and the look of the fish are so similar to the real salmon, you have to have a closer look to realise it’s not real. The seafood tastes fishy. The nori and seaweed provide the taste of the sea without any fish involved. There is a full range of plant-based sushi rolls, including tuna, sushi, chicken, Peking duck, krab, beef, rabbit, you name it; the guys have you covered.


Image by Marcie


The Future Sushi rolls deliver the complexity of taste and beautiful presentation. Without the cruelty involved. With them, the future looks brighter.

Read More about Future Sushi Here.

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