Where To Get Your Vegan Big Breakfast Fix In Melbourne

Melbourne is a breakfast/brunch culture. With most weekends set for at least one adventure to a new brunch location. Something that sets cafes apart is the Big Vegan Breakfast and how much can you really pack onto one plate. Here are some of the best Melbourne has to offer.


Good Food Emporium

Narre Warren

Includes: Two poached V’eggs or turmeric scrambled tofu on two slices of sourdough, truffle roasted mushrooms, rosemary & potato hash brown, Boston beans, king brown bacon & salted greens.



Chelle’s Soul Foods 


Includes: Pesto scrambled tofu on sourdough with spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, potato rosti, almond feta, relish & hemp seeds.



Vegan Shack


Includes: Scramble tofu, sausage, bakon, mushies, roasted potato, seasonal greens, avocado, hollandaise, ketchup, chutney, toast


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Mary Miller Cafe

Fitzroy North

Includes: Dutch carrots, potato rosti, vegan bacon, mushrooms, smashed edamame, roasted tomato & spicy baked beans.


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Matcha Mylkbar

St Kilda

Includes: two poached vegan eggs OR turmeric scrambled tofu, two slices sourdough toast, konjac bacon, potato & leek hash brown, truffle roasted mushrooms, wilted kale, tomato relish





Includes: The herbiest scrambled tofu, sourdough toast, avocado, little rostis, vegan sausages, beans, together with a vegan hollandaise.



Serotonin Cafe


Includes: Coconut flour, quinoa, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeded toast, garam masala pumpkin puree, nutritional yeast and turmeric tofu scramble, house-made pumpkin seed feta, roasted cherry tomatoes with parsley, wilted spinach, beetroot relish and truffle portobello mushrooms, topped with banana facon.


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Love Madre


Includes: Scrambled tofu, garlic mushrooms, spinach, tomato, rosti, toast, Italian sausage, avocado, beetroot hummus, and garlic cashew cream.


Sister of Soul

St Kilda

Includes: marinated tofu with roasted mushrooms, avocado, tomato kasundi, potato and sweet potato rosemary rosti, wilted spinach and sourdough toast

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