2 Min October Review: In Case You Missed It

October has been quite a month for plant-based initiatives. With plenty happening across Australia from new brands launching in the country, to others releasing their first vegan items into large supermarkets. The food scene in Melbourne continues to move towards plant-based eating, with more and more restaurants and cafes introducing vegan options and new locations opening all over Melbourne.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the exciting things happening.

Arlo - Messy Veggies


Arlo, where the smell of fresh bread meets you as you walk in.  

Arlo is tucked away down a walkway next to the Middle Brighton Train station.  An artisanal hidden gem amongst the hustle and bustle of Church st, with a simple and clear mission. To bring wholesome and delicious food to each person. You shouldn’t expect to find an extensive menu at Arlo, but what they do, they do very well.

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Moving Mountains Launched in Australia

Moving Mountains ®, the pioneering UK plant-based food technology company renowned for pushing boundaries in plant-based innovation, launched its best selling plant-based Burger and the world’s first revolutionary plant-based Hot Dog made from sunflower seeds into Australia via an exclusive distribution deal with Woolworths Supermarkets nationwide and Henry’s Burgers in Melbourne.

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Bricklane Bagels, where vegan cream creese bagels rule.

Bricklane Bagels is situated right in the heart of Clarendon St in South Melbourne, where you get quality new york style bagels smothered with vegan cream cheese. The vegan cream cheese is something special, even we questioned it’s legitimacy because it’s just too good.

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Pizza Hut Released its First Vegan Menu

Pizza Hut Australia has launched a full vegan menu of pizzas, garlic bread, spud bites and yes, Vegan Cornetto. And no, we aren’t starting the article with the word rejoice in it. But it is pretty cool to see another big player in global food adopting vegan menu items.

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Toasta & Co, bringing epic back to vegan toasties.

Boasting some of the most epic combinations found in a sandwich, Toasta & Co have thrown caution to the wind with their innovative menu. Truffle oil, caramelised onion, BBQ pulled jackfruit, housemade Mac n Cheese, schnitzel and we haven’t even made it to the extras you can stuff inside these epic creations.

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Niska Robotics, merging vegan ice-cream and robots.

The future seems to be already here with Niska Robotics Ice Cream Bar opening in Federation Square. Here you can watch robots scoop and serve delicious vegan ice cream, right in front of your eyes. The robots are definitely the main attraction but the choice of ice cream has been quite considered by the team at Niska Robotics. Sourcing the fruits for the vegan options from Australian producers that have a keen eye for quality above all else.

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The Ground Breaking Plant-based Documentary ‘The Game Changers’ Hits Netflix

The highly anticipated documentary ‘The Game Changers’ hit Netflix on the 16th of October, worldwide. After it’s premiere at the box office last month, the documentary has been causing a stir through social media with the calibre of the athletes included in this film.

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Green Cup, with some of the best vegan smoothies in Melbourne.

The menu is split into green smoothies, super smoothies, acai bowls, and toast. There’s also a selection of house-made bliss balls, raw energy bars, and slices. Also, on occasion, you can grab a toastie with vegan cheese!

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Hello Sam releases and expanded vegan menu, with huge new eats.

The new menu boasts Cheezburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Vegan Beef, Curried Jackfruit, Truffled Mushrooms, and even a Korean BBQ Duck burger. But it doesn’t stop there, because the sides are equally as epic as the burgers, with 3 different loaded fries to sort you out.

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Vegan Lasagne Dogs Hit Deliveroo

A Vegan Lasagne Hot Dog has just been created in an epic collaboration between celebrity vegan chef Shannon Martinez, owner of Smith & Daughters and the Alternative Meat Co. This crazy concoction of Hot Dog Bun, followed by a large smear of vegan garlic butter, topped with the vegan hot dog, a rich bolognese and oodles of vegan cheese, sounds right up our alley.

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Nanna’s Launched Vegan Apple Pies

Hot out of the oven, Nanna’s has baked up Australia’s first vegan-friendly apple pie in celebration of World Vegan Day. This pie is not your regular pie, the delicious treat is Apple & Sticky Toffee, made with real fruit.

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Domino’s Up’d Their Vegan Range to 9 Pizza’s

Domino’s Pizza in their true progressive and innovative style released 4 new pizza’s to their already impressive vegan collection. The new pizzas hit the stores nationwide and have been met with rave reviews. Showing that Domino’s continues to be a favourite within the plant-based community.


v2Foods Launched With A New Plant-Based Rebel Whopper At Hungry Jacks

Recognising that there is a need for a ‘version 2’ of the food system, v2food’s range of plant-based meat products taste great and is suited for all consumers. Made from legumes, the company’s ‘mince’ looks and tastes like quality meat and contains added fibre and nutrients. “We seem to have the right resources for success,” Chairman and CEO of Competitive Foods Australia Jack Cowin said.

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