5 New Vegan Snacks You Need In Your Life

Vegan snacks are popping up all over the place, and the days where you had to make your own are slowly leaving. Yes, we know if you make them yourself it’s better for you, but it’s definitely not as convenient. In the spirit of convenience and veganism, here are 5 new vegan snacks that will hit most spots for you.


1. Nomo Chocolate


Yes, more vegan chocolate and this one is a good one. It comes in three different flavours, from creamy chocolate, caramel & sea salt and fruit crunch.  At times vegan chocolate can be a little darker, and when it comes to milk chocolate, there can be unusual after tastes. But Nomo only gets better the longer you eat it. A wonderful milk chocolate bar that is extrememly affordable.

Where To Buy: Big W


2. Plant Collective Nuggets


New to the ever-growing list of vegan options at Aldi, the Plant Collective Plant Based Nuggets are so realistic, you may want something a little less real. Mimicking chicken nuggets can be a little difficult, but these are bang on.

Where To Buy: Aldi


3. Lindt Excellence Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut


Well hello there Lindt chocolate. We have been big fans of your other flavours but you have outdone yourself on this. With little flecks of cranberry mixed through the delicious and super melty chocolate. It’s one you will want in your pantry at all times.

Where To Buy: All large supermarkets.


4. Greek Chocolopita Hazelnut Praline


This is the perfect dessert. With 4 pastries to each pack, it is a great dessert hack for any dinner party, or the perfect decadent snack for any other time. It tastes just the way you want hazelnut chocolate to taste.

Where To Buy: Aldi


5. Health Labs Choc Brownie Protein Balls


You may get your vegan protein balls from the cafe and pay a little over $3 each time. But these Choc Brownie Balls from Health Lab are just like the ones from cafes but in a convenient 5 pack that you can carry around for that snack on the go. There are a few other flavours to try, so get experimenting.

Where To Buy: Big W


There are 5 new snacks to test out and see how they fare. You will love it. Trust us.

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