A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Plant-Based Degustation From Shu Restaurant Is Now Available

You can now celebrate your special occasions or just celebrate being at home with this fabulous plant-based, 10-course degustation prepared by Shu! Every course represents the heritage of Sichuan cuisine yet prepared with fresh local produce from scratch, only a couple of items with simple and quick reheating needed.  We spoke with creator and restaurant owner Shu about this new plant-based degustation.

What inspired the creation of the new 10-course degustation?

The inspiration is from my hometown Sichuan province, from raw salad like dishes to variations of tofu, each course represents a way of cooking and a sense of diversity within the cuisine

Also, another important point of creating this set menu is my passion for presenting a broader audience with a unique plant-based modern Chinese cuisine and exploring the possibilities of fusion cooking, local ingredients and meat substitutes.

What is your favourite dish in the 10 courses and why?

I really like the dish “Ricecream” a slow-cooked risotto-like dish. It’s grilled Asian mushrooms wrapped with black, jasmine and brown rice into a rice ball and crispy fried then placed on a mocha ice cream cone. It is a fun dish to eat with lots of smoky umami and comforting texture

Tell us a bit about the playlist that comes with dinner? 

I believe the dining experience at Shu is the combination of great senses such as visual, taste buds and ambience of sound. The playlist is composed with jazz, funk, old school RnB and some trendy experimental electronic music, etc that I think provides people the sense of inclusion from a buzzing social environment yet not losing some cozy romantic feeling of being at home.


Dishes range from Asian herb pot plant in black tahini soil, Market baby veggies in a light paprika fermentation, Vegan duck dumplings, sweet and hot soy sauce, Grilled Fable steak skewers, Sichuan BBQ sauce, roasted Sichuan pepper and chilli.


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You can also expect, Young jackfruit, complex burnt chilli salsa, Asian mushroom, black sticky rice, roasted chestnuts, Handmade activated charcoal noodles, young gailan broccoli with all day simmered broth and an Avocado cheese cake, finger lime, dried osmanthus flowers and plum salt.


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The Details

10 course vegan degustation
6 dishes ready to eat and 4 dishes with simple and quick reheating required
$65 per person
Free delivery for orders within 10 kms of CBD and $20 delivery fee for the ones outside the range.
Available for every Saturday dinner
All packed nicely in #TheShuBox
Menu, Candle, reheating manual and restaurant playlist included
GF and most allegies catered


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