Feast On A Vegan Banquet From Some Of Melbourne’s Best Restaurants From The Comfort Of Your Home

We all know that when you order takeaway, there is a pre-existing expectation for the quality of the delivered goods to be a little under par.  This is the major issue that the new delivery service, Providoor, is tackling and they have hit the ground running at just the right time.

The biggest difference between what Providoor offer and traditional takeaway, is that the meals are almost-ready. What does that mean? It means that the chefs at the great restaurants in Providoor’s network create meals to just the right point where you can finish the cooking in a matter of minutes. Meaning you get to eat the meals as they were designed to be eaten.

Founded by chef and owner of Maha restaurant, Shane Delia, Providoor is bringing a real dining experience to your home. Maha is well known for their vegan banquet, of which I have personally tried and have the fondest memories of. Now, this exquisite dining experience can be brought to your dining room table.

Other restaurants offering great vegan banquets include Hanoi Hannah, with Mushroom xo, Betel Leaf and Fried Shallot, Spring Rolls, Aromatic Curries and much more. Tokyo Tina also offer a complete experience with menu items including Crispy Avocado Bao with Cabbage, Gochujang & Avocado Kewpie and one of the most incredible Miso Baked Cauliflowers you will eat.


Miso Baked Cauliflower – Image from Tokyo Tina


If you are looking to spice up your night with a Mexican fiesta, then La Tortilleria’s Vegan Tacos & Mexican Feast will cater to your every need.

Providoor are also partnering with produce services like The Fruit Box Group, to bring you a premium selection of locally soruced fruit and vegetables with free delivery. You can also order drinks, cocktails, pantry items and even crockery to make your night complete.

The restaurant list continues to expand and an impressive element of Providoor’s model is a 15% commission, rather than the usual 30% from other providers like UberEats and Deliveroo.



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