FOUR’N TWENTY Meat Free Pie, Is Pretty Close To The Classic

Four’N Twenty has confirmed it will release its first-ever Meat Free pie in late March, suitable for vegetarians and all pie lovers alike. Since the leak a few days ago, there has been much talk from the classic pie faithful about Textured Soy Protein replacing the ‘meat’ from the pie. Little did they know, Four’N Twenty already uses Textured Soy Protein in the classic pie. The biggest difference between the meat pie and meat-free being the meat component which sits around 25%. Four’N Twenty are using the same gravy that they cook all their pies with, and it’s all wrapped up in golden flaky pastry, so really there aren’t too many reasons not to give the meat-free version a fair go. 

“We recognise that more Australians are substituting meat with plant-based foods in their diet. Our research found that 53% of consumers are reducing or eliminating meat from their diet, so it made sense to create Four’N Twenty’s first-ever Meat Free pie for those on a plant-based diet. The ingredients within our new Meat Free pies contain no animal products.” said Anand Surujpal, General Manager of Marketing & Innovation at Patties Foods Pty Ltd.

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While Four’N Twenty are not claiming the meat-free pie is vegan, they do state “Four’N Twenty’s Meat Free pie contains absolutely no animal products, however the pastry is made on a line that also produces non-vegan products, so it is not certified vegan.”

With no animal ingredients used, that puts it back to the consumer to make the decision on whether this is vegan enough for them.

Friday pie-day, footy fans (yes, they are coming to the MCG), can all enjoy the great Australian taste with less impact on animals and the environment and we think that is a good thing. 

Four‘N Twenty Meat Free pies will be available at Coles supermarkets and Coles Express stores in late March. They will be available in Woolworths, BP, Independent Supermarkets, Petrol and Convenience stores and even at the MCG from April.

For those keen to read the ingredients:

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