How A Traditional Italian Pizzeria Became Certified Gluten Free

Shop 225 has always strived to accommodate their customers. When they were asking for vegan options, the traditional Italian pizzeria didn’t just take meat & cheese off the pizzas. They crafted their own vegan meat and engineered one of the most popular vegan mozzarellas on the market. When their customers asked for gluten-free pizza, they went applied for certification by Coeliac Australia and received it.


The Coeliac Association takes gluten very seriously, as it should. When lab testing, there needs to be no trace elements of gluten found, which may sound simple, but cross-contamination is a common occurrence in most kitchens. In order to remove the likelihood of cross-contamination, Shop 225 has implemented a number of rigorous standards to ensure it does not occur. There are separate utensils for Gluten Free & even separate utensils for Gluten Free and Vegan, as it’s own category.

They have colour coded bowls for the gluten-free pasta, which is prepared offsite in a separate kitchen. The pizza, although cooked in the same wood-fired oven, never touches the floor of the oven to ensure cross-contamination does not occur. There is even a dedicated staff member for rolling the gluten-free dough.  With over 200 coeliacs served per week, they wanted to ensure that when you order from them, you know its 100% gluten-free.

Although Shop 225 does not require lab testing as often as 6 months, they have placed this requirement on themselves, at their own expense, to ensure they continue to maintain the highest excellence in delivering quality and trust to their customers. But the best part about this story is that you would never even know it was gluten-free unless they told you.

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