Order A Vegan Pizza & Adopt A Cat With The Same Name

Red Sparrow Pizza has teamed up with Second Chance Animal Rescue to save as many unwanted animals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the social distancing and staying at home instructions from the government, Second Chance Animal Rescue they are unable to have people visit their shelter so they are finding it hard to get people to meet their future companion animals.

Red Sparrow Pizza has come on board to provide adoption details for cats with pizza inspired names such as Puttanesca, Chorizo and Jalapeno, of which they are distributing flyers with delivery orders of the corresponding pizzas.

So if you are feeling a little lonely during your self-isolation, you may just need a pizza and a furry friend to keep you company! The plus side is you get to cuddle and care for them for the rest of their lives too. Win, Win.

Get ordering here.


Second Chance Animal Rescue are a pro-life shelter and foster care network. Their goal is to save as many unwanted animals from death-row pounds and neglectful living situations as they can. Because they all deserve a second chance at life. Their team comprises of animal care professionals, foster carers and volunteers who work tirelessly to educate the community about responsible pet ownership, and the work that Second Chance Animal Rescue does.

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