The Non-Dairy Cheese Made From Cauliflower + Hemp You Need To Know About

Grounded’s cult cauliflower + hemp TM cheeses have just launched in over 160 retail locations across the U.S. this month. This announcement follows their highly anticipated direct-to-consumer debut last month, and oversubscribed fundraising round in late 2020. Unlike most plant-based cheeses, which are typically made from nuts or coconut oil, Grounded uses cauliflower and hemp to recreate the sensory experience of eating dairy. Combined with the company’s proprietary fermentation process, these unusual ingredients have enabled Grounded to overcome many obstacles faced by other plant-based cheese manufacturers—including flavor, functionality, price point, scalability, sustainability, and nutrition.

By leveraging hemp (an emerging superfood) and imperfect produce (the leaves, stems, and ‘ugly’ cauliflower that can’t be sold in grocery stores), Grounded has created a more sustainable and
environmentally resilient alternative to both traditional dairy and nut-based products. The result is a range of 100% plant-based cheeses that are top allergen-free, keto-friendly and dense in nutritional value—including calcium, protein, antioxidants, Omega 3 + 6 fats, vitamins, and minerals.

“More and more consumers are incorporating alternative proteins into their diets for health and environmental reasons,” said CEO Veronica Fil. “Our goal is to introduce better tasting, more sustainable and more nutritious products to the plant-based cheese category—and appeal to those consumers who are not necessarily vegan, but are interested in cutting back on dairy.”


Image from Grounded Foods


The company has already developed an extensive variety of cheese styles, including soft, hard, aged, and rind cheeses as well as sauces. This month, retailers will begin stocking the first three products in Grounded’s range:

● Grounded CHEESE FREE CHEESE American Style—a versatile sauce/spread that replicates the addictive flavor and comfort factor of American cheeses, but without the dairy and artificial
additives (MSRP $5.99);

● Grounded Hemp Seed GOAT cheese—a semi-firm, tangy goat cheese made from hemp and marinated in olive oil, peppercorns, garlic, lemon, and thyme (MSRP $6.99); and,

● Grounded Hemp Seed Cream Cheese, Onion & Chive—a calcium and protein-rich spread with a remarkably similar flavor, texture, and functionality to dairy cream cheese ($5.99).

Grounded products are currently available in the U.S. only, however, we spoke with CEO Veronica Fil regarding their planned expansion into Australian markets.  This is set to happen when travel restrictions start to ease between the two countries.

Good news for all Australians.

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