The Vegan Ready Made Meals That Are Worth Ordering

We are all looking for more convenience in our day to day lives but convenience when it comes to meal-prep, usually means sacrifices; in nutrition, flavour and variety. Luckily, there is a new wave of thinking taking over the home delivery meal service with a host of home-grown companies offering delectable, wholesome and nutrient-rich meals to enjoy at home. 

Here are just some of the standouts in the crowd:

The Organic Kitchen Caterers
Image from The Organic Kitchen Caterers

This is the OG wholefoods home-delivered meal service in Melbourne. Born out of the gap in the market, TOK can cater to just about any food allergy or intolerance. Each dish is made using only the best ingredients with produce from their onsite backyard garden and sustainable local providers. Think keto bread baked from scratch, veggie-filled 21-day detox cleanse boxes or our favourite meal on their menu, the Vegan field ‘shroom loaded with grains, seeds and turmeric cashew creme!

Average price per meal $13

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Image from Soulara

Soulara have a strong food ethos devoted to the power of plants using ingredients that you can trust whilst always striving to support the planet, stepping lightly with waste and packaging. Each meal is an abundant bowl of goodness, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant proteins, but all of this calculated nutrients doesn’t compromise the flavours. Dishes such as Moroccan Freekeh Buddha bowls, the Purifying Purple Curry and their very own range of cold-pressed juices are bursting with natural flavours, textures and aromas that make this health kick taste easy!

Average price per meal $9.95

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My Muscle Chef
Image from My Muscle Chef

What started as just two brothers who wanted quality nutrition for their workouts has now become a leading functional food company fuelling active Australian’s nationwide. With a variety of options, they also cater for vegan diets as well. Filling and delicious plant-based protein-packed meals include Wholemeal spaghetti with lentil bolognese, Mexican Superfood Bowl, or the Vegan Butter Chicken with greens and ancient grains, just to name a few.  

Average price per meal $9.28

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Garden Of Vegan
Image from Garden of Vegan

If you’re looking to take your plant-based journey seriously then these are your guys! Each meal is designed by a team of nutritionists and made using only certified organic ingredients without the use of oil, gluten and refined sugar. They offer a diverse array of ready-made meals such as Afrikaan Peanut Stew, Green Ginger Tofu Stirfry, or Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup. Breakfast bowls like their Black Forest Chia Pudding or Tofu Scramble & Mash. As well as affordable mixed boxes of seasonal fruits and veggies, a wide range of activated nuts, spreads, granolas and homemade goodies all prepared for you and delivered to your door. Whether you want to do a little, or a lot of cooking, this company can cater to your needs.   

Average price per meal $14.95

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Chef Good
Image from Chef Good

Maybe it’s boredom that gets you down with eating the same meals day in, day out? The Chefgood team not only creates small-batch meals using quality ingredients but also offers new and exciting menus every week. Lead by what is in season, each meal is loaded with nutrients and vitamins naturally occurring in these premium ingredients. 

Some of their most popular meals include Orecchiette, eggplant, tomato, chilli & black olives and their Roasted pumpkin & sweet onion salad with chickpeas & spinach. 

Average price per meal $11.50

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Lavana Wholefoods
Image from Lavana Wholefoods

Driven by the inherent desire to transform the way people consume food, Jess has created a company that is in the business of nourishing your body, mind and soul. This is a wellness eating plan that explores a plant-based diet without the need for animal products, in the most convenient way possible. Inside a box of Lavana Wholefoods, you might expect Thai Peanut Cauliflower Wings with Quinoa & roasted eggplant salad or Spanakopita with smokey roast potatoes and green beans- ah YUM!

Average price per meal $11.95

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