This Environmentally Conscious Start-Up Is On A Mission To Combat Food Waste

Introducing the new kids on the (chopping) block, Farmers Pick.

They’re dishing up perfectly imperfect fruit and veg boxes aimed at supporting vulnerable Victorians and farmers. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they are the guys who are simply trying to do their bit to make Australia a better place. This environmentally conscious start-up is on a mission to combat food waste that costs the Australian economy $20 billion per year.

So far, they’ve found a home for more than 20 tonnes of fresh fruit and veggies. And they’re just getting started.

Farmers Pick, Melbourne’s freshest produce delivery service that is bringing you weird and wonderful, fun and bendy, blemished and oddly shaped seasonal produce, direct from the farm to your door. They also offer a culinary adventure in every box with a variety of produce in all shapes and sizes celebrating the wonder of Mother Nature all as a convenient subscription model service.

Farmers Pick have teamed up with farmers across the country who are in desperate need of a solution to salvage around 25% of their harvested crops that are being wasted due to being rejected by leading supermarkets based on their appearance. The result of this rejection is that millions of tonnes of perfectly imperfect food never leave the farm or is taken to landfill each year.


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Farmers Pick co-founders, Josh Ball and Josh Brooks-Duncan, knew that there had to be a way to help. Their passion for the Australian land and people drove them to creatively develop the Farmers Pick concept to help bridge the gap between Aussie farmers and people. The idea began back at the beginning of COVID on a walk through the supermarket, “…that’s when we observed how perfect every piece of produce was. We asked one another, “What happens to the curly ones?”. Nights of researching and some mornings talking to growers at farmers markets, it became clear how big of a problem we had stumbled upon. That’s when Farmer’s Pick was born, and it has become our mission to find these little guys a home.”

Every Farmers Pick box is filled with fresh seasonal produce direct from farmers. The produce varies week-to-week ensuring a good variety in every box, revolutionising the way we currently get our five-a-day! Farmers Pick also caters to all living arrangements, from singles to family’s portion sizes, ensuring affordability and value for money is achieved with boxes starting from $35 with free delivery on all orders.

When compared with some of the big supermarkets, you can see that they are not only reducing food waste but helping you save some much-needed dollars as well.



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