Up for Grabs: Vegan Chocolate Truffle Desserts & Ice-Cream At A Massive Discount

If you have been to any vegan grocery store, or market over the past 12 months you would have most likely tried the new Go Vegan dessert. A dark chocolate truffle frozen treat that is unlike anything else on the market. Rich, velvety and downright decadent.

The current crisis, however, has made it difficult for the company to produce this new vegan treat. As a result of this, the company is now selling stock directly to the customers at a steep discount. To put this in perspective, the desserts can be picked up this week at 70 per cent off the usual price.

These 100 ml decadent desserts can be picked up for $2 each rather than $7+. There is plenty to get your hands on and if you want some extra ice-cream you can get vegan vanilla or vegan coconut at $10 for 2 litres.

On sale, this Wednesday (8th April) and Thursday (9th April) between 11am and 2pm at 26 Century Drive, Braeside VIC 3195. CASH ONLY.

Price list (last updated at 2:00pm, April 7th) – Until Stock Lasts (Cash Only)

Go Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle Dessert
100 ml – $2 each

Vegan Coconut Ice-Cream
2 Litres – $10

Vegan Vanilla Ice-Cream
2 Litres – $10

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