Vegan Lollies Are Coming From The Natural Confectionery Co.

Hear that? It’s the sound of vegan children and more likely adults yelling a collective “YES”. What are they so excited about? The Natural Confectionery Co. (TNCC) who boast to be ‘better for you than other lollies’ are about to launch their newest product, vegan lollies. That’s right, the no artificial colours, no artificial flavours brand have come through with the goods.

The vegan-friendly fruity flavoured jellies will be available early August and will be available at SPAR stores. This means that they will also be available at other independent grocers and supermarkets in the near future. The vegan lollies will sit alongside the original 200gm Natural Confectionary Company varieties. Other TNCC varieties include snakes, party mix, fruity chews, fruit basket, sour squirms, dinosaurs and jelly babies. Let’s cross our fingers that these are on the list for veganising!

The Natural Confectionery Co. has recognised that approximately 2.25 million Australians live a vegan lifestyle and that the number 1 consumption barrier for candy is health concerns. Being a leading brand in healthier confectionery they saw it their responsibility to produce a vegan lolly. We can’t argue with that now can we?

Natural Confectionery Co. Vegan Fruit Mix
Image from Natural Confectionery Co.


Can’t wait until August for sweet, sweet candy?  Check out this list of other vegan lollies available in the supermarket.

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