You Can Now Get Your Steak 3D Printed And It Just Happens To Be Plant-Based

Giuseppe Scionti, an Italian bioengineer from Spanish startup Novameat, has created the worlds first 3D printed vegan steak. A meat-free steak that has the texture, flavour and same nutritional profile of its meat counterpart.

It was the ‘fibrous flesh’ that Scionti wanted to recreate, which he states is missing from the current plant-based meat market. There are plenty of chicken nuggets, meatballs, burgers, but nothing you could tear apart like a steak. Each Novameat steak provides the amino acids we require for a healthy diet, which comes in the form of a paste, that is then 3D-printed into the shape, texture of a raw steak. Place the raw vegan steak into a hot pan and sear it as it has been done in the past. We mention past specifically here because Novameat and company’s like this will ultimately be our future.

The cost alone will make it a worthwhile endeavour, while the reduction of animal agriculture and its impacts on the planet will help push this initiative toward larger-scale production.

Image: Novameat.com


Novameat steak 2.0 consists of pea, seaweed and beetroot juice. However, it is the company’s micro-extrusion technology, producing fibres between 100 and 500 microns in diameter that sets them apart from the field.

It is Novameats mission to have a printer in restaurants throughout Spain and Italy in 2020 while anticipating a rollout to restaurants and supermarkets worldwide in 2021. No doubt this is the beginning of a long journey for this innovative company.

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