48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar

48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar

Insanely good Vegan & Gluten Free food

48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar launched its flagship restaurant in 2015, nestled right in the heart of South Yarra. A tribute to traditional Italian cuisine, adapted to a modern world, drawing flavours from the north and south of Italy.

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If you know anything about pizza, you will recognise the name comes from how long pizza dough should be left to rise. This is one of the reasons why the pizza at 48h is award-winning. Another reason is that their gluten-free pizza manages to aerate better than 90% of gluten-free bases available. The secret, however, isn’t really a secret. The team use a hemp flour which they have manipulated to create, what we would say, is the best gluten-free pizza base currently on market. Not only in our humble opinion but they were awarded the Silver medal for best gluten-free pizza in the World Pizza Championship 2018.

It is not only the pizza that is great at 48h, with an extensive Gnocchi menu that is made completely in house. The majority of the Gnocchi is gluten free, including the activated charcoal Gnocchi options. 

Owner, Michele Circhirillo, is passionate about everything that 48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar produces and they are constantly looking for new and exciting dishes to add to their menu. The explosion of plant-based dining has opened up a door for them to be more creative and explore new menu additions. Including the Mare Nostrum, vegan cheeses melted with wild herbs, covered in pizza dough, baked in the oven then served with freshly baked bread.  This is in a word, magnificent.

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The Food

The are plenty of vegan options on the menu at 48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar. Ranging from Pizza to Gnocchi, melted cheeses, cheese boards, antipasti and much more. 

48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar have two locations, in South Yarra & Elsternwick. The second location opening in 2017 next to the Classic Cinema’s in Elsternwick. A perfect location for a date night with movies and pizza.

Both locations offer the same menu and both of which you should book ahead of time. 

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