Melbourne’s Best Vegan Personal Trainers

Finding a personal trainer can be difficult at the best of times. But finding a personal trainer that isn’t going to tell you to eat meat for protein is even tougher.
The illusive vegan personal trainer. The one who is going to whip your butt into shape in a compassionate way. We have done some digging and here are a few of the best Vegan PT’s Melbourne has to offer.

Mike | Vegainz Coach

The ultimate Gorilla. Mike has been vegan for 6 years and is passionate about fueling your body with plants.

“Time to eat some Trees ?, I didn’t choose the Vegainz life, that Vegainz life chose me! Large volume of food that gives a dense amount of both micro and macronutrients. Able to support any ? make those strength and hypertrophy Vegainz.”

Mike found that everything changed when he changed his diet. Recovery improved, and his strength and endurance got better.


Strength and conditioning, competition, and improved athletic performance, powerlifting, bodybuilding, mobility, and better movement.

Nutrition Plans Available

Mike offers plant-based whole foods nutrition plans and plant-based lifestyle guidance.

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Standing on a deficit with a wider Grip creates a delicious stretch for the posterior chain. Particularly the hamstrings and upper back musculature by taking that wider grip. The deficit creates Longer ranges of motion. Therefore, has a longer time to completion. So long as mobility is sufficient – these are awesome variation for increasing a ?’s strength and muscle mass. Whether done with tempos, at a purposeful slow pace or heavier pulls, deficit deadlifts will increase time under tension demands. By increasing the range of motion by a deficit, the lifter must work to accelerate loads from a very closed joint angle, which will significantly make lifts like the deficit deadlift harder. By increasing strength at deeper ranges, you can engage more muscle fibers and be more likely to exert great force at latter stages in the pull. Today it’s 4 sets of 8 touch and go. #destroythemyth

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Gemma | Plant Based PT

Gemma made the switch to plant based in August 2015 with her partner and now fiance.

“I would say I have gained most of my muscle since being vegan as I started taking resistance training more seriously.”

Focussing on and following a more structured plan focused on progressive overload.


General people focused on being the best version of themselves and helping them achieve their goals of fat loss, muscle gain and improve general fitness.

Nutrition Plans Available

Gemma provides nutritional guidance, macro recommendations, and meal ideas/examples.  For more complex situations Gemma works with you and nutritionists to achieve your optimum plant-based position.

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Thriving on plants ? Eat 70-80% minimally processed foods, get your body moving like it is designed to do (10,000+ steps a day + resistance training), get adequate sleep (7-9 hours a night), minimise stress (and/or control through meditation, adequate ‘you’ time), set yourself goals (big and small) and celebrate every win………………………….. ➖ Eating plants and lifting weights isn’t for a competition for me, or for an immediate end goal (yes I have small, med, long term goals) but there is no end in sight, because this is my life. This is what makes me happy, what makes me feel good, what aligns with my values. I want to show others that you can incorporate more plant based meals into your week and you will feel good, so give it a try. Maybe you’ll like it, and meat free Monday takes over other days in your week ? ➖ Develop habits and find things you enjoy doing! We are literally capable of amazing things, why live in a state of unhappiness, being unfit and living with lifestyle related diseases that we literally have the power to prevent. HOW AMAZING IS THAT. We have the power to prevent and reduce our risk of many diseases. Wouldn’t you rather be proactive and make changes now, than be told in 5, 10, 15 years that health issues that could of been prevented…………………………………………………………… ➖ YOU deserve a better quality of life. It’s time to be proactive rather than reactive and take charge. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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Simi Collins

Simi Collins competes in bodybuilding as a figure athlete. From vegetarian to vegan in 2010 Simi has a captivating story, documenting what it is like being vegan in the bodybuilding world. Definitely worth reading.


Simi love’s training people from all walks of life. However, she specialises in clients who are looking to increase muscle and strength.

Nutrition Plans Available

A big believer that health and fitness go hand in hand with nutrition.  Particularly when optimising strength and muscle and preparing for a competition.

Forest Nash | Forest Nash Fitness

Vegetarian since birth and vegan for 4 years now, Forest is aptly named, with tree trunk arms.

“After becoming vegan I was able to increase the frequency and intensity of my training, thanks in large part to the anti-inflammatory and recovering-boosting properties of a whole food, plant-based diet!”


Forest specialises in whole food plant-based nutrition and helping people achieve optimal weight, body composition, and long-term health through a holistic, evidence-based approach.

Nutrition Plans Available

He also offers custom vegan meal plans, as well as ongoing nutritional counselling through his website.

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#ModelMonday – Repping the @plantbuilt #VeganMuscleTeam – Photo by the brilliant @stanley.vaier ???

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Michael Farnham | EcoFit

One of the Founders of EcoFit, Michael started his plant-based journey 4 years ago. He was playing soccer and doing triathlons as well as working as a Personal Trainer.
“As soon as I switched over to a plant-based diet I noticed a huge change in my energy levels not only in my sport but also in my work. My recovery time increased dramatically and I could train for hours on end.”
Michael specialises in 1 on 1 Boxing, group classes and weight loss transformation programs.
Nutrition Plans Available
Although Michael does not offer nutrition plans, his partner Hannah (vegan for 5 years) is the Nutritionist at Ecofit and she specialises in plant-based nutrition programs for weight loss, athletes and children.

Paris Little | Praxis Athletic

When Paris got his lovely dog Beau, he switched to a vegan diet. After 4 years now of plant-based eating and training, he trains harder than ever.

“When time permits I train more now than I ever did when I ate animal products which is a result of progressive overload and adequate protein, carbohydrate and fat intake to support the increase in training volume.”

Paris has spent the past 10+ years exploring various ways in which to train and develop physically and further expand his knowledge in various areas of physicality and athletic development.


At his facility Praxis Athletic (Windsor) Paris and his experienced coaching team specialise in 1-1 and small group training.  They resolve a range of issues from injuries that may otherwise have required surgery, building lean muscle mass or losing body fat for individuals who have felt like they can never gain muscle/lose weight. To even something as simple as helping people with their first chin-up.

Nutrition Plans Available
Paris also has plant-based nutritional programs as part of the overall training programs.

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INTENSIVE BODY COMP INTAKE: 3 Places remain. . I normally preach long and hard about long term physical changes and honestly have never really been a fan of “X week challenges” in regards to training. . I do however see reason with the right pre framing and health focused follow up protocols to train and work hard for short periods of time to make big changes in shorter periods of time to kick start motivation and befit starting a more sustainable long term training and nutritional plan. . With that being said intake is OPEN for a four week intensive training cycle which will run till #christmas and then kick off again in a January. . I’ll personally be taking 6 people (3 places are gone already) through a rigorous but extremely effective training cycle with an equally challenging nutritional protocol at the end of which will involve a recovery period and opportunity to go into the second intake. . Check the saved story on my main page for more details and get in touch ASAP if you want to wrap up 2019 on a high and get a head start on your 2019 physical goals. . #praxisathletic . Shot: @_in_the_flow_

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Adrian Steve | A Steve Fitness

Adrian Steve is fierce competitor, and after adapting to a vegan lifestyle 3 years ago it changed his whole life.

“It brought everything together and gives my training genuine purpose – to represent the movement the best way I can and be a walking billboard!”

Adrian competed in the state bodybuilding competitions and now trains his clients full time.


Adrian takes a holistic approach to training clients. Although, he has had great results so far with weight loss, with his first client down 30kgs since they started together.

Nutrition Plans Available

Adrian knows it will take time to adjust implementing all that’s on offer – but when they do, he sees that as the real game changer.
Planning and preparing meals in advance, it’s what yields the best results.”

Mr Ofi

Switching to a vegan diet 18 months ago, Mr Ofi, is a qualified personal trainer who takes a holistic approach to his training.

“The body and mind are my biggest asset and of utmost importance.”


Mr Ofi specialises in fat loss, toning, bodybuilding, building muscle, and strength training.

Nutrition Plans Available

Also offering both nutrition plan and training plans as well as face to face training.

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