10 Ethical & Sustainable Gifts Under $50 for Fathers Day


1. Ahimsa Collective – Black Patent Washable Paper Card Wallet

The perfect gift for dad, which is lightweight, super cool and ultra sustainable. These wallets are made from Washable Paper, a natural material and completely handmade. It’s also Peta Approved, which is a huge win.

SHOP | $49


2. MATT & NAT Voyage Passport Sleeve

Passports can get crumpled, misplaced and even be in just the right place to catch all of the coffee that you spill. But there is a solution, and it just happens to be an ethical one too. These sleek Passport Sleeves come with a 100% recycled nylon lining as well.

SHOP | $35

3. Mad Millie Tofu & Vegan Treats Kit

Has Dad ever seen something for sale and with careless abandon stated he could make that better and cheaper. Well now is the time to get him the Tofu and Vegan Treats Kit. He can now create tofu and a range of vegan soy-based delicacies fresh.

SHOP | $49.95

4. Pod Star Single for Nespresso®

This gift is for the coffee lover. The Pod Star Single reusable coffee pod is environmentally friendly and made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel, designed to last a lifetime. A zero-waste product that you can fill and refill with your own choice of ground coffee beans. They also have options for the other capsule machines on the market.

SHOP | $39.95


5. Amber Growler

Does Dad like beer? Then he probably knows what a growler and a Squeaker is. They are types of bottles, trust us. Grab an Amber Growler and get it filled at one of the great craft breweries around Melbourne. He will love you for it and it cuts down waste in this reusable container.

SHOP | $14.55


6. Keep Cup Stormtrooper Brew

In the ultimate battle for the stars, and let’s be honest, planet earth. This Stormtrooper KeepCup is the perfect gift for the environmentally-minded Star Wars enthusiast.

SHOP | $34

7. Para’Kito mosquito protection wristband

The Para’Kito mosquito protection wristband diffuses a blend of 7 plant essential oils to naturally deter mosquitoes in any climate. Keeping Dad protected for 15 consecutive days on one replaceable patch.
SHOP | $24.95


8. FreeLoader Pico portable solar charger

For the Adventure focussed father, the Freeloader PICO is a compact and lightweight solar charger. So now he can go hiking and never lose power for those great photos and videos from the mountain tops.

SHOP | $39.95

9. Urban Composter City

Food Waste is a big component of landfill. But there is a solution that is better for your plants and the environment. This small-sized composter is the food scrap bin that you can put under your sink to pop your food scraps.

SHOP | $49

10. Mad Millie DIY Kombucha Kit

It’s another DIY and this time is Kombucha. Let Dad make kombucha for the whole family using Mad Millie’s live culture (SCOBY) which turns sweetened tea into a delicious, fizzy beverage.

SHOP | $44.95


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