5 Mindful Ways to Make Your Home More Zen

Home can be a reflection of your character. It can bear all the hallmarks of what makes you unique and it can easily be a playground for your aesthetic sensibilities.

However, home can also be a reflection of your aspirations. The space that you inhibit should be utilitarian as well as stylistically pleasing, and its practical aspects need to encourage you to pursue your goals – both in terms of work and lifestyle.

We are all trying to lead a more balanced, peaceful existence, and your home can be an asset to this mission. Accordingly, here are 5 mindful ways to make your home more Zen.

1. Rearrange your furniture

Make your home more zen


If you’ve ever wondered what is the art of feng shui, it can loosely be defined as a Chinese discipline focused on arranging the objects in space (and space itself) for highly harmonized existence. According to the old Chinese tradition, there are certain elemental qualities ascribed to the side of the world, which include both literal elements of nature, but also certain spiritual values.

Now, it is perfectly reasonable that you live in the corner of the world that doesn’t ascribe to such principles, and you can’t exactly change the layout of the kitchen and the bathroom, you can, at the very least, rearrange your furniture according to feng shui principles. It is a good method to make your home more Zen, and here are some tips on how to do it.


2. Light it up

Make your home more zen


One of the most prominent advice for making your home more Zen is to invest time in de-cluttering. However, if you open your windows and introduce more light, mirrors, and fixtures into your home, you’ll have no other choice but to de-clutter. Otherwise, it would have been just so visually unappealing.

One of the hallmarks of the above-mentioned feng shui principles is the flow of energy. If the apartment is full of clutter and obstacles, it simply cannot happen. Think about the air as well – a nice draft can mint up a string of rooms in a matter of minutes, and bigger windows devoid of shutters contribute to this as well.

Furthermore, more light in your home also means a better mood. We are naturally attuned to react positively to light, and also keep in mind that it will make all the colors and styles pop!


3. Introduce the green

Make your home more zen


However, introducing more light into your home isn’t the only way to make your home livelier and Zen. You should also consider adding more wholesome, natural greenery to the proceedings. They easily add striking organic appeal to every home, render it lusher and, at the same time, calmer. The very presence of plants – living, breathing beings in and of themselves – has a stress-reducing quality.

Succulents count among favorites, as well as dracaenas. Plus, you’ll find a lot of effective air-purifying plants among the greenery.


4. Choose tint over stark color

Make your home more zen


You probably have a favorite set of colors. Naturally, you’ll want to turn this palette into an appealing indoor theme that reflects your aesthetic ideals. That being said, if you want to assemble furniture and style pieces with a Zen quality, you should probably consider tinted versions of your favorite color. Tint, essentially, means that a certain level of white has been added to a pure color. Almost by definition, tints have an anxiety-reducing quality, especially when mixed with green, yellow and blue. Tranquil colors go a long way.


5. Go minimal

Make your home more zen


Now, let’s go back to the topic of de-cluttering for a second. While it stands as one of the must-dos on the list of tasks to render your house Zen, you should also de-clutter smart. What does this mean?

The classic Marie Kondo line ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you can keep it that way. Also, you should choose to go minimal when it comes to the number of moveable items and paraphernalia that you own.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should embrace minimalism as an interior design style, but it does mean that you should embrace some of its philosophy. I.e. don’t own what doesn’t have a clear role in the household or, at the very least, move it out of the household and into a storage unit.



Change is necessary if you want to improve yourself. Our lives are dynamic confluences of stages that can be very disparate, but they are necessary for an existence that brims with events and meaning. Your home can reflect this as well – don’t be afraid to make changes, to alter things around. Embrace bright colors, light touches and lively environments that will make your dwelling space as open as your decidedly Zen mind.

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