Could this be Australia’s most sustainable salon?

We recently visited Bob Hair Co. Salon in South Yarra and chatted all things hair and sustainability. Owners Amanda Berry and Charlotte Archer started the salon with mutual ethos about the earth and using natural products.  
The skin is our largest organ, absorbing 70 percent of what is applied to its surface, so they are avoiding the crap by focusing on the quality. All of the products used in the salon are natural without any chemicals or parabens. Even the bleach! You will notice that when you step inside that it doesn’t have the typical salon smell.

Bob Hair Co.
Amanda and Charlotte, Directors of Bob Hair Co.

“People look at the ingredients of the food that they are eating and the skincare they use, but people don’t look at what they are putting on their head. It is all absorbed through our skin” says Charlotte. “There’s a lot of research coming out now about what these (non-natural) colours do to your health long term.”

The thing about harsh chemicals is that when they end up in our water and rubbish waste, they hurt our environment and our wildlife. But, at Bob, using the best products available is not enough. Non-recycled products that are heavily plastic ladened do not pass through the front door.

Amanda tells us “A lot of women come to us at a time when they are starting to do research about what things are doing to them. Either because they are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have an autoimmune disease or cancer. People come to us on the back of all of these reasons, and they never go back.”  

Interestingly, behind the word ‘fragrance’ you can hide up to 500 ingredients. 180 that haven’t been tested, 160 that are known carcinogens and so on. It is scary when you start going down the rabbit hole.

Bob Hair Co.
Bob Salon

Sustainable AF

Bob Hair Co. is completely 100% waste free, they are a partner with Sustainable Salons, who provide recycling bins (hair, foil, plastic, glass, chemicals).

  • Chemicals are recycled made into more chemicals that are used for cleaning products etc
  • Each year in Australia, over 1.5 million kilograms of foil goes to landfill, and only 1% of salons are recycling foil. Foil at Bob is recycled, and profits go to OzHarvest. A small amount of the foil is made into re-foil (for hair highlights), the rest is melted down into metal and sold off.
  • Plastic gets melted down to little black pellets and sold off to make things like park benches.
  • The cut hair goes towards making hair booms. It is put into a large stocking sausages, joined together in a large circle and placed into the great barrier reef to soak up oil. Traditionally a detergent was used which displaced the oil. The hair is absorbent, it traps the oil.    
  • Bob takes it one level further and composts. All common waste such as coffee and tea leaves, food waste etc gets composted, making them completely waste free.

99% of the products that are sold at Bob are vegan friendly. Including Shampoo’s, Kester Black nail polish and a natural deodorant which flies off the shelves.
Once a month the shop is opened up on a Monday night for yoga, mindfulness, meditation and recently a women’s circle.
Anti crap t-shirts made through vege threads, all profits go towards Take 3 for the Sea. Their message is “Whenever you’re at a beach, waterway or anywhere in the great outdoors, simply take 3 pieces of rubbish away with you and you’ve made a difference.”

Bob Hair Co.
Anti Crap tee

After speaking with Amanda and Charlotte, I had to try them out and experience it for myself. I’m 2 visits down and never looking back.
Book in with Bob here: https: www.bobmelbourne.com.au

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