5 Things You Need To Do As Soon As Lockdown Ends

You are about to be let out into the community and there are some great businesses that need your help. Although this list is by no means extensive and there are plenty of locations that could do with a little support, here are 5 of the top things you need to do when you get your freedom back.

Get Yourself A Future Sushi Roll
Image from Future Sushi


Future sushi opened in Collingwood and it’s the first 100% plant-based sushi offering in Melbourne. Is in the word amazing. There are many different creations including Peking Duk and rolls there’s future salmon and future tuna which are re-creations of salmon and tuna. But you need to try the Bulgogi beef hand roll it is sensational.

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Stuff The Most Decadent Tofu Roll Into Your Mouth Hole

Lagoon Dining in Carlton launched their crispy salt and pepper tofu roll an amazing roll with Korean chilli pickled bean sprouts mayo and a Tonkatsu sauce. You can pick these up every Saturday and they are packed with flavour.

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Head To Bendigo And Visit Adam & Eve
Image from adamandevebendigo.com


As soon as the 8th of November rolls around, you are going to want to head out to Bendigo. Adam and Eve is Bendigo’s only vegan cafe and they are all about experimenting with plant-based food. The extensive menu boasts plenty of fantastic options, from waffles to acai bowls. The other thing you need to note is that they are very dog friendly, with beds, water, and snacks, so you can take your little puppy along and make sure they have an amazing experience out in regional Victoria as well.

There are two locations for Adam and Eve so be sure to check to see you are heading to the one you want to try, or just hit both of them.


Mornington Walks

Another 8th of November option is heading down to the Mornington Peninsula. There are a bunch of cafes that have amazing vegan options on your journey. There’s also a huge amount of walks that you can take including my personal favourite which is the bushranger bay to Cape Shanck walk. It’s the best way to get back into nature after being stuck in your house for such a long time.

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Check out the newest cafe in Mordialloc – Cassia Cafe

Cassia Cafe - Urban Ground Mordialloc

Head down to Mordialloc and check out Cassia Cafe it’s the newest multi vendors space coming from urban grounds at Mordialloc. A plant-based cafe with some really great food. It’s also has a large outdoor area which means they will be able to seat a lot of people. They have a veggie garden around the side and also a massive playground for kids. You definitely need to try the Scram Scram Thank You Maam, a combination of scrambled tofu, plant-based meatballs, sugo, basil pesto, cashew parmesan all on some sourdough. It’s one of the best meals you’re gonna find in Melbourne.

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