This Australian Outdoor Apparel Is Made From Recycled Plastics

We venture behind the brand to speak with Rhianna Knight, Founder of Team Timbuktu, an outdoor apparel brand made from recycled plastics.

‘We want to make Sustainability the new standard’

The idea behind Team Timbuktu combined two passions of founder, Rhianna Knight, in fashion and sustainability.  After hiking through Patagonia in 2017, wearing the right clothes for the conditions but not fitting her fashion sensibility. Rhianna set about creating a brand that was durable, fashionable and sustainable.

Recycled plastics from all over the world are used for the range. From Taiwan to Europe, the materials presented global logistic issues with manufacturers from the beginning of the process. With 100’s of hours spent communicating through email with overseas companies, Rhianna was able to create the brand she was dreaming of.

The Team Timbuktu range includes Raincoats that are made from recycled plastic bottles, with great features like headphone holders in the hood and pack strap with snap button.

team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu crop tops and leggings are made from discarded fishing nets and other ocean waste. The leggings are packed with features, but the phone holder located at the front, in our opinion, is one of the best features.

team timbuktu


Visit Team Timbuktu online:

teamtimbuktu.com or

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