2019 Is The Year Of The Vegan Dessert

Dark Chocolate is one of those foods that divides people. It’s a bit like coriander, you either love it or you hate it. Which is not uncommon for foods that can have a slight bitterness to them. But there is a brand that has just launched in Melbourne that is taking the Dark Chocolate stereotype and giving it a luxurious makeover.

Go Vegan Desserts have emerged with a Dark Chocolate Truffle dessert that is unlike anything in the dark chocolate arena. The team behind this Melbourne based frozen treat have over 30 years experience in frozen treats. They have set about perfecting a luxury dark chocolate truffle plant-based dessert.

go vegan dessert biscuit

If you were thinking they need a buttload of sugar to make it any good, you are wrong, no coconut either. Though the dessert manages to have the mouthfeel of the creamiest velvet you can image. On top of being dairy free, the product is nut free and gluten free without any added sugar, coconut or GMO’s.

If it was just a dessert we could stop now and be forever grateful for the little tubs of luxury. But Go Vegan Desserts dark chocolate truffle is extremely versatile. We know because we accidentally left it out of the freezer.

We found out that can enjoy it straight from the tub with a spoon. Sandwich it in between two cookies, melted over pancakes or as a hot drink. When you melt it, you can use it however you want and it maintains its delicious flavour. The added bonus is you can re-freeze it and it doesn’t get all icy. It just forms its beautiful luxury dessert as you bought it.

You can grab your own tub of Go Vegan Dessert Dark Chocolate Truffle from one of the stockists listed on their website here: www.govegandesserts.com

Once you have your tub you can try this Vegan Chocolate Lava Recipe from The Plantritionist that shows just how adaptable it can be.

chocolate vegan lava cakes

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