Two Melbourne Mums Launch Australia’s First 100% Plant-Based Meal Kit Delivery Service

For ‘The Nourish Box’ founders, Jess & Shan, the message is simple – “EAT MORE PLANTS!”

Thankfully, they’re making this easy by creating Australia’s first and only 100% plant-based meal delivery service.

Co-founders Jessica Nugawela & Shannon Rigbye (Image: Supplied)


Each week The Nourish Box delivers all you need to create 3 tasty plant-based dishes. Their delicious and diverse menu is perfect for plant-curious and plant-focused foodies and boxes are available as a subscription or one-off service across all Melbourne suburbs now.

How It Started

Co-founders, Shannon and Jess, met through their kids’ primary school, between them they have 5 children under the age of 10. It didn’t take the busy mums long to realise they wanted the same thing–– back to basics, healthy, nutritious, whole food plant-based meals and a way to share their passion with others.

Living consciously has always been important to both Shan & Jess. Shannon left her career in Television to become a certified Holistic Counsellor. Jess’s background is in Psychology/Psychophysiology and she is also a qualified Yoga Instructor. They live to nourish their souls and want to help feed yours too!

“We’re about encouraging ALL people to eat consciously. The Nourish Box is not just for vegans or people in the plant-based community, in fact as it stands most of our regular customers are omnivores. Our drive is to educate and inspire different ways of cooking plant-based foods. We want to bring the joy back into cooking. And ultimately, see more people eating more plants, more regularly.” 

Says Shannon, co-founder. 


3 Meal Box for 2 People (Image: Supplied)


Farm Fresh

The Nourish Box contains fresh, local, seasonal and low waste products. Animal welfare and environmental advocates, the ladies behind The Nourish Box are also massively dedicated to health and wellbeing––theirs and yours––a big part of why they started The Nourish Box. Passionate about helping those on a plant-based diet maintain the variety, essential nutrients and inspiration to continue. While offering an easy way for the plant-curious to make the transition.

Each week, your Box is loaded plant-based recipes using farm-fresh and seasonal produce plus spices, garnishes, and all the love. While keeping the plant-based recipes simple to ensure that even the weariest of home cooks and plant adverse will be inspired to create and try the great combos.

The Nourish Box regularly teams up with local legends, chefs, and nutritionists to create interesting menus. They also find inspiration from other wellness trailblazers, such as The Happy Pear, Plant Proof and Sakara Life. Drawing from all these philosophies and their own personal ethos, Shannon and Jess have put together a fail-safe plant-based weekly care kit.

The Meals

The Nourish Box will have you mastering dishes such as Spelt Risotto with crispy Kale, Mushrooms & Walnuts; Roast Mediterranean Veggie Burger with Haloumi & Basil Cream; Red Thai Curry Noodle Soup; Sticky Blackened Tofu with Asian Greens and BBQ Cauliflower Tacos with Pico de Gallo & Green Tahini. As well as the weekly boxes, The Nourish Box also offers one-off grazing platters and entertaining boxes. Perfect to wow your friends over a long lunch, dinner party or gathering.

Recent Nourish Box Recipes (Image: Supplied)


Unlike other meal kits, The Nourish Box doesn’t come with a million individually plastic-wrapped bits and bobs––it’s virtually zero waste. Simply choose your serving size, and the boxes are delivered to your door with everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

Not Just Food

Driving home their vision for a more conscious & connected world, their offline community is as nourishing as their online one, hosting monthly sunrise swims, private film screenings & regular ‘soirees’ that host inspiring, forward-thinking guest speakers. The crew are taking self-care to the next level.

You can order The Nourish Box via their website The Nourish Box, and they currently deliver within Victoria.  A portion of sales are regularly donated to organisations like HoMie, Edgar’s Mission & LIVIN’ org, often nominated by the guest that they are collaborating with that week.

The Nourish Box will be exhibiting at the Showgrounds for World Vegan Day Melbourne on Sunday, November 10.

You can also get $25 off your first order of the Nourish Box using the following code.


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