Ultimate List of Vegan Cheese You Need To Try In Australia

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Cheese glorious cheese, it is generally the last thing that people will ditch before going vegan. Or a big thing that lactose intolerant people miss. Lucky, in Australia, there is a LONG list of big brand, artisanal and craft vegan cheeses available.
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In no particular order, except alphabetically. Ok here we go…

Alive and Wild

Another Byron area local vegan cheese is Alive and Wild. Cashew nut brie flavours include Plain and Unadorned, Garden Herbs and Flowers, Chilli, Lime, Salt and Pepper, Rose and Pistachio and Za’atar.

Angel Foods

Angel Foods launched in New Zealand in 2006 from a cosy kitchen startup. Now, you can buy their parmesan and cheesy sauce mix at the Cruelty Free Shop.


artisa plant based cheeses are handcrafted in Tasmania by the company’s founder and cheesemaker. There are 9 different varieties of cheese available online or in specialty stores.


AVS is another brand located in Melbourne and specialises in making Vegan Cheese. With 7 varieties under their belt, you can buy dairy free Seed & Nut Parmesans, muenster, blue style, herb coated, almond feta and cashew cheese with miso.

Bio Cheese

Also available at Woolworths, MyLife Bio has a range of block, slice, shred and feta vegan cheese. You will also enjoy the Bio cheese on your vegan Zambrero burrito or bowl.

Botanical Cuisine

All the Botanical Cuisine products are handmade in Collingwood using certified organic raw vegan produce. On offer are a range of cashew based products including cashew cheese.


From Mac n Cheese boxes to vegan cheese slices, tubs and shreds. Daiya is a power house in the dairy free cheese industry. Not made in Australia, but found in stores all over the nation.


Damona are a Melbourne brand that offer a vegan cheese range that can be enjoyed on a cheese board or melty gooey cheese that is perfect for pizza.

Extraordinary Foods

Hailing from Byron Bay, Extraordinary Foods makes a range of raw, plant based snacks along with Cashew or Hemp parmesan.

Fënn Foods

Fënn means planting seeds. Based in QLD Australia, Fenn Foods has a range of sesame cheeses in original, rosemary & black pepper and smoked flavour.

Follow Your Heart

US brand Follow Your Heart makes slices & blocks, parmesan, shreds and blocks of vegan cheese.

Green Vie

Although not locally made, Green vie vegan cheese is available across Australia. Flavours include Cheddar, Gouda, Gouda smoked, Mozzarella and Mediterranean Flavours. Green Vie Grated Flavour Available in blocks, slices & shredded

Hello Friend Foods

Based in Melbourne, Hello Friend Foods makes delicious and high quality foods. Currently this includes Brie in Puff Pastry, Mozzarella, Haloumi, Havarti and Vegan Cheese Sauce.  


Kingland produce Dairy free mild cheddar cheese and cream cheese. You can buy this brand at the Cruelty Free Shop.


Made in Tasmania, Lauds vegan cheese product range includes aged cashew, melt me cheese, greek style feta and smoked oat cheese.

Milkless Cheese

Milkless offer an artisan crafted selection of dairy free, soy free, vegan friendly cheese alternatives. They have some creative flavours in their range that you can buy on their website shop. We are talking salted spinach and artichoke, spicy tomato and lime and black pepper.

Notzarella – (Greengrove Foods)

Founded in 2011, this vegan cheese shreds, melts, looks and tastes like the real thing. Australia’s own non-dairy vegan pizza cheese. Notzarella is designed for pizza


Oliana has created a range of hard and soft cheese, with some available in both reduced fat and organic. From the creamier to the more bitey, Oliana has a cheese to suit every palate or occasion.

Peace Love and Vegetables

PLV make Cashew cheese, fermented drinks, coconut oil and sourkrauts. The Byron Bay locals “are dedicated to leading the way in nutritional health and holistic living.”


Bute Island has 30 years of experience and are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of dairy, lactose and gluten free vegan cheese products. Available in Woolworths, try the mature cheddar, cream sheese and mozzarella.

Sprout & Kernel

Sprout and Kernel is an Australian owned family business that locally produces handmade nut cheeses. Their vision is to spread the wholesomeness of their hand made cultured nut cheeses to Australians everywhere.

The Vegan Dairy

Artisan dairy-free products handmade on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne. The rapidly growing range includes aged, semi-firm, Chèvre, Boursin, soft vegan cheese and the ever popular Persian Feta.


When you think Tofutti, you think creamy vegan cheese. They started with frozen desserts, but also make slices, sour cream and ricotta. Also, everything is made Kosher!  


Pioneers of Plant-Based Food since 1993. VBites make a variety of dairy-free ‘cheezly’ products. Available on the Vegan Perfection website and some other specialty stores.


Also available on the Vegan Perfection website, Vegusto’s range of ‘No-Moo’ dairy free cheeses are superb quality products. The Vegusto Classic Blue Cheese has a mushroom flavour, perfect for your next cheese board.


YAY! is run by two Melbourne Based sisters, who are passionate about ethical business, passionate about veganism, and passionate about amazing food. Their vegan feta is stocked in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania (Check their FB page for stockists).
This is not an absolute list, artisanal vegan cheese is being carefully created all over Australia and the world by talented producers. The vegan cheese industry remains a massive growth market both inside and outside of major supermarkets.

If you want to learn more about Dairy-Free Cheese, read this in depth article.  

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