Weirdoughs are Giving Away 1000 Free Scoops

Image Source: @weareweirdoughs

That’s right, your favourite vegan bakery is doing you a solid. This Friday the 25th January, Weirdoughs are giving away 1000 scoops of delicious vegan Ice-Creams to the first people who walk in the door………at 4pm.
It’s going to be a scorching hot Melbourne day and Weirdoughs are going to cool you right down.
The flavours on offer range from Strawberry, Chocolate, right through to Salted Caramel & Bacon. But if you want a recommendation, you need to try the Eggplant & Lavender, it’s out of this weird world.
Image Source: @weareweirdoughs

Knock off work early, and head to Weirdoughs for your free scoop of vegan Ice-Cream, it’s better than after work drinks.

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