Zambrero launches Vegan Cheese at over 180 locations

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Zambrero have now added vegan cheese to the menu at over 180 locations Australia wide. Now you can get all of your vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options and add that sweet vegan cheese to your order.

Zambrero - Vegan Cheese Burrito
Burrito with Vegan Cheese

Zambrero have chosen to use Mylife cheddar biocheese produced from coconut oil, it has that cheddar flavour you have been looking for while being suitable for those cutting lactose, gluten, GM, palm oil and soy, not to mention its low in cholesterol.

Zambrero - Vegan Cheese Nachos
Nachos with Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese can be added to any menu item from $1 or $2 for nachos.

You can find their full menu here: zambrero.com.au/menu

Zambrero - Vegan Cheese Tacos
Tacos with Vegan Cheese
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