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Roast Vegan Gravy
3 Course Vegan Christmas Dinner
For this 3 Course Vegan Christmas Dinner, Nadia Fragnito, creator of The Vegan Italian Kitchen, shows you how to create the perfect dinner to impress everyone at Christmas. Starting the dinner with a…
banana bread
Banana Bread

This beautiful bread is oil free and incredibly delicious. It is also gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free. You’d be surprised to know that most banana bread usually packs about 1/2 a cup of…

Roast Vegan Gravy
Roast Vegan Gravy

It can be hard to find vegan gravy in the supermarket, even harder to find one that is gluten-free. This recipe is so quick and easy, (and extremely tasty) you will never want…

vegan walnut and mushroom wellington
Walnut and Mushroom Wellington

This Vegan wellington will leave you feeling satisfied this Christmas, and your family won’t even miss the meat version. A meaty hearty meal without the cruelty. Feast vegan style with all the…